Perfect Youtube Thumbnail Size & How To Make One!

What you post on Youtube is important, but you need to be concerned with the thumbnail you use also. The size of your thumbnail is just as important as the content you share. In this blog post, we will discuss what size your youtube video should be and how to create a perfect Youtube Thumbnail in 3 simple steps!

Perfect Youtube Thumbnail Size

1280 x 720 Pixels is the perfect Youtube thumbnail size.

  • 1280 Pixels Horizontal
  • 720 Pixels Vertical

Any bigger or smaller images on your thumbnail may not look attractive enough to increase your CTR – click-through rate on your Youtube video. Also, Youtube has a strict rule of the maximum 2 MB size for the thumbnail. So don’t make it too fancy. A simple and clear image is good for the thumbnail.

Fun Fact: average CTR on Youtube is about 6% – No doubt you can beat it.

Why it is so important to have this Thumbnail size on Youtube?

good youtube thumbnail
good youtube thumbnail
bad youtube thumbnail
bad youtube thumbnail

Good example: all borders of the image are filled up. It’s clean nice and You can understand Topic immediately.

Bad example: So see that black borders on the left and right? does it look quality for You?

You see, if you are planning to go viral with any of your videos – a good, eye-catching thumbnail is a must for You. Let me explain why this is so important.

Youtube Algorithm Test Your video Thumbnail

impression youtube
youtube Impressions and Click-Through rate

Sorry for the picture being in other language.

“parodymai” – Impressions.

“parodymų paspaudimo rodiklis” – Click-through rate.

The example is taken for one video only. Sooner or later your video will get ranked very well. Even if that ranking is for a short period of time, your video will get a ton of impressions. You have to be ready for this.

Once the Youtube algorithm decides to give you more impressions – in this case, more than double than normally in a day – we noticed a significant drop in the Click-through rate of this video.

What does it means when CTR goes down?

It means, that Youtube decided to show our video to a way broader audience because the current audience did like it. Due to the lack of Youtube video thumbnail quality – people did not click on the video as they used to click before. Which caused on such statistics:

  • Your youtube video got twice impression as ussual.
  • Your youtube video got 3 times less Click through rate as ussual.

This means, that we have missed the chance of getting even more views and due to the fact we did not work very well on the thumbnail – our video is going down in the search results once again. It gets fewer and fewer views unless we edit and update the thumbnail and title.

Where can I make perfect Youtube thumbnail for my videos?

Photopea – This tool is almost the same as photoshop – Online version. It allows you to do all the most popular actions online without having a real photoshop on your desktop or laptop. Very easy to use and works great for advanced Youtube thumbnail making.

Photopea dashboard
Photopea dashboard

Canva – Our beloved Canva! I think there is nothing greater on the internet when it comes to making Youtube Thumbnails. You can select your own size picture, remove background from the image and even select from various templates here. They offer many premade designs for Youtube Thumbnails, Youtube Channel art, youtube Banner, or even Icon! Browse around and you will like it.

Moreover, you can watch this video which will help You to create your Youtube Thumbnail in the size You want.

Picmonkey – Although it’s paid app that lets you generate images, youtube thumbnails really fast it also allows you to create stunning images with great effects. If you are not professional yet, you can use Canva for sure.

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You may not need to be a master of Photoshop or have the latest tools to create youtube thumbnails. With three online sites, you can make your thumbnail in just minutes! The first is PicMonkey, which provides you with all sorts of editing options from filters and frames to text captions. You’ll also find that it’s free for basic use; if you want more features you will need to upgrade. The second site is Photopea which offers even more advanced design elements like banners and buttons as well as image adjustments such as contrast, brightness, saturation, and hue/saturation levels. Finally, there’s Canva – an easy-to-use photo editor designed specifically with social media posts in mind: you can choose from thousands of templates for Youtube and other social media sites.

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