Youtube Profile Picture Size & How To Make One

If you’re looking for that perfect youtube profile picture size, then look no further. This article will help guide you to what is the right dimensions for a youtube profile picture size and how to set up a profile picture for the Youtube channel.

Unless you want to have a youtube channel without a profile picture.

Perfect size for Youtube thumbnail:

  • Minimum 250 Pixels by 250 Pixels (250×250)
  • Maximum 500 Pixels by 500 Pixels (500×500)

The reason you should go for 500 pixels is that you need clear and visible Youtube profile picture and image quality. Even if it’s 1% of your success you have to make a decent Youtube profile picture just in case. Someday, someone may review your channel or someone just did not like your profile picture and decided not to trust and don’t subscribe to Your channel just because of that.

How to Create a Youtube Profile Picture

Think about your niche and topic. Then go to – it’s free to use the image editor and creation tool for social media.

  • Create an account – it’s easy, you can log in with your Google account too.
  • Click on the “create a design” on your right upper corner.
create a canva account
Youtube Profile Picture Size
  • Click on “Custom size” at the bottom of the popped window.
create custom size canva picture
Youtube Profile Picture Size
  • Create your image using this tool.

If you are not a good image editor and don’t have decent visual skills You can watch video below to help You building your images.

Watch a video explaining how to use Canva

I think this tutorial will help You to understand the basics of Canva image editor and how you can create your profile picture for Youtube with the fancy designs this tool offers. Always be professional when it comes to your appearance on social media and good luck making content!

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