Youtube Cash Cow Channel: 2 methods you should try

Do you want to know the secret on how to make money on YouTube with Youtube cash cow channel?
If you are not confident in your speaking skills and showing your face this article is just for You!

Today I’m going to show you my favorite ways that will help you make money on Youtube without standing in front of the camera.

Have you ever thought about fact that more than half of the Youtube videos you watched in the past do not have a person speaking in front of the camera? Isn’t it strange? However, those videos or Youtube cash cow channels are still making BANK. Adsense, affiliates, sponsors you to name it. 

What is Youtube Cash Cow Channel

For those who don’t know the term – the Youtube cash cow channel is a type of channel that creates content in a specific niche, however, they are NOT showing face on camera. They use stock footage or fair use content from other creators along with the voiceover. This way, there are hundreds, thousands, ten thousand channels on Youtube doing the same strategy and making money online while they are sleeping.

Read on next before you start your journey. Our recommendations will blow your mind!

Whiteboard animation for Youtube videos

Make a whiteboard animation.

That’s exactly what we are doing with our Youtube channel. We are not the best narrators, or video creators, however, we still manage to create average quality content. Think about videos that you have seen in the past – were they only studio quality and above? No. YouTube is all about content, if you can manage to make at least average quality video with great content in it – people will definitely watch it.

I want to show you a Youtube cash cow channel I found recently and liked so much in the whiteboard animation niche.


 The channel is called “farfromaverage” And just because of this channel we decided to create multiple channels on our end because it seems very easy to earn extra money with Youtube cash cow channels.

Here’s a channel that I found recently.

youtube cash cow channel

I’m not saying that the content in this channel is exceptional, however, the statistics definitely are.

Youtube cash cow channel

What this Youtube channel do

This channel write a professional script about dating, men’s and women’s lifestyles, talking about how to be an alpha man, and all those things. Even it if seems not interesting for us – there is a vast audience for that niche. If you would take a look at the keywords “sigma male” in the youtube search bar, we will get that kind of results from the keyword research tool:

When going through Socialblade statistics we can see that they have over 200 uploads.

youtube cash cow channel
social blade stats

All videos have been made using whiteboard animation. The views are surprising too – over 100k every single day. That means around 3M views per month!

youtube cash cow channel
farfromaverage channel daily views

The SocialBlade shows that channel should be making around 16k dollars per month.

youtube cash cow channel
social blade stats

However, SocialBlade statistics are inaccurate. They can only estimate earnings and most of the time channel earns 4-8 times the shown amount. YouTube pays different amounts depending on video topic, length, retention, and some factors. Based on our experience this channel should be making around 50K and up per month.

How much Youtube cash cow channel pays?

Certain topics on YouTube pay a lot. For example, when the video is about makeup, money-making, real estate, or other expensive assets – YouTube sometimes pays 40-80$ per 1000 views. You can just imagine the money that some YouTube channels are making. The great thing is that you can do it too. Pick a niche – we recommend one that you like or have experience in. The main thing about YouTube is content – so make sure watchers have something to take home. We will leave links to tools that will help you make YouTube videos.

youtube cash cow chanel
mark tilbury youtube channel
youtube cash cow channel
Biaheza youtube channel

Stock footage for Youtube cash cow channel

The second method for creating a faceless youtube channel is to use royalty-free footage & voiceover.

This method is a lot more popular because it’s simple and safe. However, it takes time to create great content. Here’s a channel that is creating this kind of content.

youtube cash cow channel youtube channel – This YouTube channel is using stock footage from story blocks, pixels, and pixabay. The niche is the luxury lifestyle. From our experience, it’s a very well-paid niche. However, they are using content from other YouTube channels occasionally, but it falls into the fair use guidelines. That is because there’s sufficient commentary over the content that they are using, so YouTube has no issues with that. Another great takeaway is that the channel name is their website – great marketing!

Social blade statistics are inaccurate

Socialblade shows that they have more than 1.8K videos uploaded and the channel is getting around 200-300k views every single day. Knowing that uploaded videos are more than 8 minutes long and content is a luxury lifestyle, we can estimate that the potential earnings of this channel are about 5-10$ per 1K views. When we are talking about around 7M views per month, the money adds up!

youtube cash cow channel daily views

We recommend watching this video on the channel we found it really inspiring.

youtube cash cow channel video

We hope that this article has inspired you to finally start your YouTube cash cow journey.


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