Text to Speech for Youtube: Worth to try?

Text to speech is a relatively new technology that has been getting more and more popular in recent years. Text to speech software is now available for computers, tablets, and smartphones. It’s also possible to get a text to speech for youtube videos with the help of many paid and free software on the internet. There are many pros and cons of using text-to-speech services such as TTS software but what should you do? Read on!

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What is text to speech?

What is TTS?

TTS stands for text to speech.

Text To Speech (TTS) is a technology that enables computers and other devices with audio hardware to read aloud, i.e., “speak,” text from a computer screen or another digital source in an electronic voice. Text-to-speech software generates artificial speech by using a text-to-speech engine, which maps written words onto spoken words. This article will cover the various TTS engines available as well as some of the pros and cons of each one.

Text to speech for Youtube videos

It is something that is becoming more and more popular. Many people have found this to be a really useful tool for those with disabilities, such as dyslexia, or who just want to enjoy making their youtube videos without the hassle of reading text on the screen or having to watch it on mute. It’s also important when you are trying to make tons of content and not just one video per week. You can see a lot of videos using text to speech for their youtube videos.

Can I use Text to Speech for Youtube videos?

You can use Text to Speech for Youtube videos. Youtube won’t delete or suspend your channel for doing so unless you would like to get monetized. For more information about the minimum criteria for getting monetized I highly suggest reading on Youtube policies. However, if You are going to use text to speech for Youtube videos such as – “tutorials” or “how to” – Youtube does allow this, and chances are you will pass the youtube monetization process.

Secondly, if you are creating youtube videos using text to speech software and doing nothing, just showing poorly edited pictures from the internet or stock footage for any of the free stock footage websites – You will not get monetized because of the repetitive content. For more information about this policy CLICK HERE.

I have monetized channel already, can I use text to speech for my videos?

Yes, you can use text to speech software for your videos as long as you want, but Youtube does manual reviews on the channels that are monetized, and sometimes it may happen that they will demonetize your youtube channel because of violating rules for the youtube community. if You use that text to speech for “tutorials or “how-to” videos – it will be fine.

How can you use Text to speech for Youtube videos safely?

There is no right answer and this is a Gray zone. But this article will cover text to speech software and now we will reveal cons and pros for each text to speech software so you will understand why it’s so important to choose a great voice that looks like a natural human being reading the script.

Amazon Polly (not good for Youtube videos)

Amazon Polly has many voices and most of the voices are better than standard text to speech synthesis voices on the internet. However, they just sound like they are not good enough for a human being.

  • Pros – You can instantly generate text to speech from your text and choose from various voices.
  • Cons – Cost you money and text to speech does not sound like a real human being.

Natural readers – ( not good for Youtube video)

Natural readers are loved among internet users many “Reddit channels” are using this voice just because it’s free to use. However, it is well known for Google. Google owns Youtube so it’s not a good choice for you to use this voice.

  • Pros – Unlimited and free to use.
  • Cons – far from realistic voice.

Micmonsters or Speechelo ( great for Youtube videos)

Speechelo and Micmonsters for Youtube videos

That’s a real game-changer when it comes to Youtube content with text-to-speech voiceovers. We have tried Speechelo and Micmonsters multiple times and all the time – our channels were monetized using these voices!

  • Pros – Various natural sounding text to speech voices.
  • Cons – It’s not free, but you pay only a one-time fee and you can use it forever. The only limits are monthly (500 000 characters a month) Which are about 100 videos.

For the best output for your Youtube videos using Text to speech voiceovers, we recommend using background music. You can get background music from Speechelo when you are downloading the voiceover and you always sure that it’s copyright-free. So you can use it for your own videos.

Take a look at our created youtube video with a voiceover from Speechelo:

Fact: This channel was monetized with the voices of speechelo. It’s natural-sounding voices. Only a few people will understand that this video has a robot reading the script.

How can I be 100% my Youtube channel won’t get demonetized?

You can’t. Unless you start using your own voice for Youtube videos. Other options are:

  • Hire a professional script reader.
  • Buy Deep voice.

With the professional script reader, you will waste a lot of money in the air. They sound really good and they can do whatever you want, but paying every time you make a video sometimes is not an answer.

The second option I mentioned was a deep voice. The deep voice for Youtube videos is the perfect combination! Although it’s very expensive it’s worth it.

What is a deep voice?

text to speech for Youtube
Photo by Matt Botsford on Unsplash

A deep voice is a text-to-speech software that sounds very realistic. It has unlimited characters and you can use it for an unlimited amount of text. This is the perfect choice for people who want to change their voice or do text to speech tutees for youtube videos with texts in different languages. The cost of this software is quite high, but it’s worth every penny.”

The good reason for having a deep voice is that you can hire a professional voice artist and make his voice read the script or You every time you create a video!


The text-to-speech software can be a game-changer for creating videos on Youtube. The TTS voiceovers will make your video sound more professional and give it that extra edge when you want to stand out from the crowd. You have many options for TTS voices, so choose wisely based on what is best suited for your needs and budget. To ensure that your channel doesn’t get demonetized, use deep voices or hire a voice artist every time you create a video!

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