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Do you want to sound like a professional voice-over artist? In this article, we are going to show you how to create YouTube videos using text-to-speech software.

Human voice. We all think that separating any human voice from an animal is an easy task. It would seem like our ability to speak and understand is exclusive only to us – humans. However, the rise of AI might be nearby. Google Deepmind is now able to replicate any voice almost perfectly. Does that mean YouTube will no longer be able to differentiate real human voices from AI?

Anyone with a computer or a phone is now able to transform that text into speech that sounds just like a real voice. Some of the tools are paid, some are completely free. The tools that we will show you are eligible for youtube channel monetisation and earning money from Adsense. Furthermore, the audience will not suspect a thing that the voice has been made by a robot.

Can text to speech software be used for Youtube videos?

Yes, if you follow the Youtube guidelines.


Let’s take a look at what Youtube says about using text to speech software on Youtube videos.

There is no exact policy that defines usage of text to speech software, but we have found a similar article that refers to text to speech.

Repetitious Content
Repetitious Content

Repetitious content – violation of this policy is prohibited by google Adsense and not Youtube itself. Adsense assumes that creators who are using text to speech will leave the audience disappointed. Furthermore, the first versions of this software were terrible and a lot of people were spamming low-quality content all over YouTube’s platform. Currently, these versions of Text-To-Speech are not allowed on YouTube, however, there are new versions that YouTube cannot tell the difference between a robot and a human voice.

Technically automated voiceovers are considered automated content, which is not allowed on YouTube. These types of videos are not allowed to be monetised.

Adding Significant Value For Text To Speech YouTube Videos

Adding significant value to the video by writing a script and editing it will make it safe for YouTube. You should use more advanced text to speech software for long term safety. YouTubes anti-spam algorithm is getting better every year, so better tools will guarantee long term success.

We have made samples of four different text-to-speech programs so you don’t have to. Take a look:

Text To Speech Software For YouTube Channel monetisation

The absolute winner is Talkia because they allow adjusting emphasis, voice speed and even the pitch to get more professional output for the voice-over. If you are going to use this software, first prepare the best options for your voice-over and then start doing voice-overs. We left the link in the description.

Can a YouTube channel be monetised using Text To Speech software?

as long as you keep the robot voice as natural as a human – yes you can. We have monetised multiple YouTube channels using high-quality Text To Speech software! Our team had tried multiple ways to get monetized on Youtube and YES – even slideshows or just video without sound can be monetized.

Getting monetized is easy – staying in the youtube partners program is a bit of a different story.

If you browse across youtube you will see multiple successful channels with text-to-speech voice, stock footage and ads running on their videos. Although Youtube has updated its policies regarding the ads – now ads are showing up on any youtube videos, even if the channel is not monetized.

If we dug deeper, you would see that those channels are uploading frequently and this is the sign, that the YouTube channel is still monetized, unless the video has many affiliate links in the description.

Here’s an example of a YouTube channel that we monetised using Text To Speech software and stock footage.

Text To Speech YouTube Channel Example 1

EMASTER Monetised This YouTube Channel

it’s using text to speech software.

More than 80% of people if they are not creators would not realize this is the AI voice and would keep watching the video.

Contact us if you’d like to get your YouTube channel monetised!

Here are successful YouTube channels that are using Text To Speech software:

if you go to the channel and sort videos by the most popular you would see that it has multiple videos that go viral.

Text To Speech YouTube Channel Example 2

Military Niche Text To Speech YouTube Channel

We would love to show you these channel stats, unfortunately, they do make their channel statistic private and we are not able to check them on the social blade. 

The channel is focusing on research and everything else is outsourced. They are making better effects and decent editing on their videos and along with the music and text-to-speech voice it sounds really natural and people can enjoy watching the topic they like. The best thing about this – they are monetized and no doubt, they will stay monetized as long as they keep the quality of their content.

Now we would like to show you another channel that is making videos with text to speech, but they are not even trying to get a better voice and the sound of the voice-over. It’s clearly robotic. Everyone will understand that it’s not human speaking.

Text To Speech YouTube Channel Example 3

Social Psychology Masters Text To Speech YouTube Channel

Channel niche is dating.

Did you know that they got over 1 Million views in the last 30 days?

Let us show you the content of this channel. Let’s sort by popular and check the video with over 1 Million views.

Social Psychology Masters TTS YouTube Channel

This channel is using one of the cheapest voices in the market and making a lot of money!

Social Psychology Masters YouTube channel is using specialised software which is creating content automatically. Combined with the Text To Speech tool, the content is fully automated.

Digging deeper we can see that they were uploading videos for a while and then stopped. Perhaps they did not get the results they were expecting and then, after 6 months when some of their videos were picked up by a youtube algorithm and generated over 1 million views they started to work again!

Sadly, they did not improve their content at all, same footage, same voiceover, now they are getting 30k to 40k daily views and still making content with the automated software.

Will My Text To Speech YouTube Channel Get Demonetised?

The point we are trying to deliver for you – you won’t get demonetized with such content if your audience likes and enjoys your videos.

There are certain things such as advertisers refusing to place ads on your videos then you might be in trouble, however, as long as you have views, engagement and comments – Youtube is fine with it. Even this poor quality text to speech voice passed it and works more than 1 year now.

If you compare this situation to the channels that were making Reddit commentary and got demonetized – it’s a completely different story.

They were doing nothing apart from reading comments from the internet – this means, they did not include any extra value, they just read the text that was written on Reddit. 

Make sure to transform content in any way and you will be safe. Text To Speech voice and stock footage are the easiest yet most effective ways.

Until YouTube releases new policies the method lives on.

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