How To Reinstate Your Ebay Selling Account

How can I reinstate eBay account?

A lot of people asked me and our team about how they can reinstate eBay account after they got suspended by eBay. And this article will explain to you what is eBay account suspension and how you can reinstate eBay account. In most cases, it‘s just following the rules by eBay and providing them what they want from you.

What is eBay suspension types

There are many suspensions and restrictions on eBay but the most popular ones are these:

  1. New account suspension
  2. MC011 eBay selling account restricted
  3. Restrictions on your selling for some reason.
  4. MC113 and MC999 eBay account restrictions.

The question is what are these restrictions and suspensions and what You should do to reinstate eBay account.

New eBay account suspension

A lot of people think that they will not get blocked by eBay just by starting listings items on eBay, but since 2019 eBay has started a new policy that aims to control the behavior of new sellers. If the seller seems like they are not following eBay policy guidelines it may suspend your account without showing any reasonable information and you won‘t be able to login to your account to contact eBay support at all.

This suspension has 2 types.:

The first type of suspension is easy

you will be asked to contact eBay support just because they feel something is bad regarding your selling behavior and in most cases if you are not using poor VPN providers and You are not dropshipper – you will pass this verification and your eBay account will be reinstated. Be sure you will get 2nd suspension if you will not follow the rules after the first suspension was successfully reinstated.

The second type of suspension is harder

you will not be able to login to your account and all you can see is the reds letters saying that your account is suspended. You can not contact eBay support either. In this case, I highly suggest to contact eBay customer support as a guest and there is the other article on how to contact eBay support.

MC011 your eBay selling account has been restricted

There are also a few types of mc011 suspension but commonly known are two types:

MC011 Suspended your account and keep all the items active

In this case, your all active listings are still visible to buyers, but you can not edit or list new items till you provide proper documentation to eBay. They usually ask for ID, proof or merchandise, bank statements, and proof of address. Keep in mind not always your documents are good enough to pass this kind of eBay verification. They will not always reinstate the eBay account after all.
MC011 Suspended your account and all listings were removed:
This is the worst thing that could happen to a seller, but in such a scenario – there are always the reasons why you got an MC011 suspension on your eBay selling account. This is kind the same situation as previously described but it‘s a lot more complicated as your eBay active listings ended by eBay – which means – the higher risk was put on your account. In this case, you will need proper documentation to reinstate eBay account selling activity and I highly suggest to contact us or ask your lawyer about the proper documentation for international companies.
Keep in mind your new selling account may get the MC011 suspension too if you are a high-risk seller and try to dropshipping on eBay. There is always a way to get back on eBay selling with a new stealth account and never repeat the same mistake.

Restrictions on your selling account for Vero and other guidelines violation

This is not that kind of suspensions which requires to reinstate eBay account but sometimes it dramatically lower your traffic and sales on your eBay account when this is happening. So there are many kinds of restrictions on eBay such as VERO – intellectual property violations. Vero has two commonly known restrictions – intellectual property image usage and intellectual property item listed. These restriction may lead to 3, 7 10, 15, 30 restrictions on your eBay selling account. But you still can use eBay as normal, sell as normal edit the number of your items without adding new items to your inventory.

MC113 and MC999 Restriction on your eBay selling account

These two are tricky because in both ways you may not be able to sell on the platform again, even if eBay is telling you can.

MC113 restriction

This is mainly known as a restriction for new sellers who failed to create a seller account on eBay marketplace. However, this is almost the as getting a suspension for your new account and the only thing you can do to reinstate eBay account is to contact customer support and hope for the best.

MC999 restriction

This restriction applies to sellers who have been warned about their selling fees on the eBay platform and to reinstate the eBay account, the marketplace asks you to pay the outstanding fees are you are good to sell on eBay again. Which is not always true. eBay keeps the right to suspend and never allowed You to sell on the marketplace again even if You have paid the full outstanding balance. This is because you already lost your trust with eBay and it doesn‘t want such sellers on their platform ever again. So before paying and listening to eBay – think twice.

Conclusion about eBay account suspensions, restrictions

We helped over thousands of people to reinstate eBay accounts and help them get back on track with legal MC011 selling restriction appeals. Some cases are harder, some cases are easier, but our stats are about 84% of all cases were successfully appealed and the seller can sell again on the platform. For more information, you can contact us here.

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