How To Increase Your eBay Selling Limits

How To Increase Your selling Limits on eBay

Sometimes when You are new to eBay it’s super difficult to understand what is your selling limits and what is your selling allowances. Many times people think they can list the exact amount of items eBay is showing. But in the reality – You have two limits.

  1. The amount You can list to eBay no matter free or paid – this will be your account limits
  2. Limits You can list for free. – these limits often are misunderstood and people think after they purchase an eBay subscription they can list even more items. THIS IS NOT TRUE.

So can I increase my selling limits on eBay?

When You are new to the platform, you should think, that if eBay can not increase your limits through the option – you can not increase your selling limits on eBay. And this article is exactly for You to tell me that everything is possible.

increase ebay selling limits

I asked the increase selling limits with this option with one of my newest accounts and it shows this error code. The problem is not that I have not listed all of the limits allowed, the real problem is that the system could not increase your selling limits automatically – but, it can be increased manually by contacting eBay support.

increase ebay selling limits

The easiest way to increase selling limits on eBay

The easiest way to increase your selling limits on eBay is in the first 3 days of your account being created. Many people would say this is impossible but literally from 10items/500$ amount you can increase to 100items/5000$ amount in the first three days! This is because eBay likes to know your business better and it’s getting harder over time.
This method only works if You have standard eBay accounts, if You unlimited eBay accounts – you don’t need to increase your eBay selling limits because you already have the unlimited limits.

An easy method for new sellers:

Well, if You are a dropshipper, which most of our clients are, I better advise You to create an account and list all 10 items on the same day. But the point is, you must list items from the location of your account address and use pictures taken by your phone or camera. Avoid white background.
Okay, I have 10 listings listed – what’s next?
Then You go to the contact option through chat or phone call. Contact eBay and politely ask for the limit increase. Most of the time they say you are not eligible so once You on the line or in the chat, start typing. Our best advice would be, start talking about you and your business. Tell them the story ( it does not really matter You don’t have a story or you are simply dropshipper)

if You don’t know how to contact eBay here are some articles:

Here’s an example of a good story if you are selling for example – used auto parts

Hello, my name is Emaster Team, I would like to increase my selling limits on eBay because I have a physical store in my own country and I would like to expand. I am eager to start selling more because I and my father (mother? Daughter? Brother?) found about eBay and it’s possibilities. We are doing it for x years offline and it’s grateful we found this site, could You help us?

You will not be able to copy and paste this story for your own but think about a little story that the customer support agent would see it as unique. eBay loves unique sellers and you already made a story on your account.. the same or little changed story can be applied to any of your niches. And it will not work if You just simply tell “I would like to increase my selling limits on eBay” because they will see You as ordinary people trying to earn money.

eBay loves unique buyers with a story! Make it.

Increase selling limits when you are a bigger seller

This part is more difficult but there is no impossible on eBay. The fact is, eBay MUST increase your selling limits every 30 days and this is written in their rules and if they deny increasing Your selling limits, you must remind this to the customer support agent. However, it’s way easier to manipulate the existing situation a little bit. So here’s what you need to increase your selling limits faster:

  1. Fill more than 80% of your given limits ( either amount or listings)
  2. Have at least 1% sales conversion rate, if You don’t have it – you don’t need to increase your selling limits, because You better take out the listings or decrease the price for the items you had not sold for a long period of time.
  3. When you are contacting eBay support – and they will say they can not increase your selling limits, ask only for like 20% increase instead or say “ I will only need a little bit of amount because I only have 150 items to list more” the same rule for listings quantity.
  4. Try to be as politely as possible and act like a real person – act like You don’t know anything about eBay selling limits increase rules.

I have a huge amount of items and I don’t want to increase my selling limits at all

If You are a huge business with multiple thousands of different SKU we highly suggest to create or buy an account with unlimited eBay selling limits. If You don’t know how to or where to find those, contact us and we will help You out. But for other smaller sellers on dropshippers, it’s way healthier for Your account to grow slowly and build the trust by eBay by contacting them through phone or chat.

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