How to Make Money on YouTube Without Making Videos

How are YouTube channels making money on the platform without making videos? We are talking big money here – from 50 to 500 dollars per day and more without making any original content yourself! How is this possible and is it legal on YouTube?

Faceless YouTube Channel
Faceless YouTube Channel

In this article, we will go over all the steps to show you a method that you can use instantly and create videos without using any of your content. We will dive into the most profitable niches and methods to create videos in these niches.

YouTube Faceless Cash Cow Channels

Have you ever thought about how many YouTube videos have you watched and how many of those had anyone standing in front of the camera? Most of the videos that you watched did not have anyone standing in front of the camera. However, these types of videos can actually make a ton of money. So how is this possible? 

CashCow YouTube Channel
CashCow YouTube Channel

Most of the faceless Top10’s and celebrity niche channels do not use any original content, they are using pre-existing YouTube videos because it’s almost impossible to get original content in these niches. 

YouTube reused content policy states: ‘Channels that repurpose someone else’s content without adding significant original commentary or educational value’. The main keywords here are ‘without adding significant original commentary or educational value’ That means, channels that are transforming videos enough, are protected by YouTube’s Fair Use policy.

YouTube Fair Use Policy
YouTube Fair Use Policy

Here’s what they are doing: downloading a bunch of YouTube videos, mixing up the content, creating a voiceover and reuploading to their channel. The only thing left to do is to run Ads on them and make some money.

Reused Content Policy
Reused Content Policy

The main thing here to understand is YouTube’s Fair Use policy. This policy states that ‘law that allows the reuse of copyright-protected material under certain circumstances without getting permission from the copyright owner’. Creators who understand this policy know that even already uploaded and copyrighted material can be reused on YouTube and make money with Adsense. That’s exactly what these YouTube channels are doing and making Bank!

YouTube Dublicated Content
YouTube Dublicated Content

This brings us to our method. We will show you the steps required to create the content that we are talking about!

EMASTER YouTube Faceless Channel Method

Here’s the process in a nutshell:

  • Choose your niche;
  • Download material from YouTube using YouTube video downloader;
  • Download stock footage if necessary;
  • Make sure that footage is transformed enough to meet fair use policy requirements;
  • Reupload footage;
  • Run ads.

Keep in mind that to run ads you will need a Monetised YouTube channel. In the end of this video, we will tell how we are monetising ours, however, remember that YouTube channels can be sold and bought like any other digital asset, so if you are looking to make money straight away – you can purchase one and skip the whole process.

YouTube Ads
YouTube Ads

First of all, you will need a YouTube channel. If you have a Gmail account already – that’s great news. Just go to YouTube and click on create a YouTube channel. If you’d like to have more than 1 channel, more Gmail accounts are not necessary. The platform allows you to have as many channels as you’d like on one Gmail account.

How To Choose a Niche For Your YouTube Channel

Choose a niche for your channel.

Here are a few important things to think about before choosing a niche:

Make sure you are ready to make at least 30 videos on that specific niche. One of the biggest mistakes that new YouTube creators make – uploading just a few videos and concluding that YouTube does not work. This way you will waste your time and energy. When going into YouTube space, you have to upload at least 30 videos into that one niche to see if you will have a shot of making it or not. Do not mix several niches on one channel. YouTube will start looking for an audience to promote your channel and if you upload random videos, YouTube’s algorithm will have a super hard time finding the correct audience for you.

Here are some niches to go for: 

  1. Luxury
  2. Automotive
  3. How To’s
  4. Top 10’s

For YouTube beginners, we recommend choosing a niche that is familiar in any way. Maybe you fix cars for a living? Great – create Top 10 electric cars in 2021! The things you know can always be used in your favour on YouTube.

Optimise YouTube Channel
Optimise YouTube Channel

That brings us to the second step – optimising your channel before uploading content. We are trying to look as professional as possible in YouTube’s eyes. The platform is searching for long term relationships with creators who care about the content they upload. Make a logo, channel art using photoshop or Canva, set up the country settings, make sure your channel has keywords that describe content which you will upload. You can find keywords using the free chrome extension – VidIQ. Make sure your channel has a good about page. All these details will be looked at by YouTube when your channel starts to gain some traction. Remember, that YouTube’s business is to run ads on your videos to advertisers who purchase ads on certain topics, help YouTube gather information about your channel and results will be a lot better!

Here’s a step-by-step guide for this method:

Download content:

         Use a 4K downloader. You can try this software for free, link is in the description.

         Search for videos in your niche. Filter by videos which are getting recent views, so you will guarantee that those videos are in demand.

Now go to YouTube, in the search box write down the keyword that you are looking for and sort by most viewed.

For stock footage, you can go to Unsplash or pixabay. These two websites are completely free and we use them for filler content all the time.

For video editing, we recommend using Shotcut. This software is free and has tons of features.

We always recommend original commentary over this type of content. The commentary makes content original and safe for ads. If you are not a native English speaker, we recommend using Talkia text to speech software. You can find a link in the description. For others – just record voice overusing your phone or microphone and you are good to go!

Optimise Video For YouTube Before Uploading

Here’s a quick check-up before uploading video to YouTube:

  • Make sure that video is at least 8 minutes long otherwise YouTube will not allow mid-roll advertisements. The mid roll ads can increase your RPM dramatically.
  • Voice over and editing are necessary. We are aiming for a Fair Use policy. If the video is not transformed enough – YouTube will copyright claim it.
  • The video is now ready to be uploaded!

Before publishing the video, make sure that SEO and thumbnail are done before making it public. For thumbnails use Canva and for SEO, use VidIQ.

Don’t forget to use tags. For new channels, tags are very important, because at the beginning YouTube is trying to understand what type of audience your channel requires. VidIQ will do the trick here!

Make sure to have a nice description. In the description, there should be content that is related to the video. Use keywords to describe what the video is about and you will be good.

Include cards, end screen to make the video more professional and publish the video!

Now the work begins – go ahead and upload 30 videos to test out the niche. At first, it might seem like a tall order, however, in our live training beginners upload 1 video per day on average. To run ads on YouTube videos, you will need to join a YouTube Partners Program. The requirements are 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch time hours. The whole process takes around 30 days and the channel is monetised in 30-60 days. Remember, that this business can change your life, so take it seriously.

YouTube Ad Strategy

Once the channel is monetised make sure you run ads. We recommend this ad strategy: 1 ad at the beginning and 1 at the end. If your video is longer than 8 minutes, make sure you insert a mid-roll ad every 3 minutes for optimal user experience and profit.

Check your statistics for every 5 videos that you upload. Make sure to keep your attention at clickthrough rate and retention. This data will show you if you are on a good track or not. Aim for 50% retention and 8% click-through rate and you will be good!

From our experience, every YouTube channel has grown after 30 videos are uploaded. If you can’t see any progress, give it a bit more time, but do not stop uploading!

How To Make Money On YouTube Without Making Videos

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