How To Increase Sales On eBay

Ebay is a huge marketplace with millions of buyers & sellers. There’s room for everyone to make some nice money. However, understanding how this marketplace works is very crucial. In this article, we will explain best practices on how to increase sales on eBay and give you 6 tips + 1 extra trick on how to increase sales on eBay.

Listing New Items Every Day

eBay has an algorithm which tracks sellers activity on the marketplace. This algorithm tracks how often & how many listings seller is creating. What we want to achieve is to show eBay, that we have a business which is constantly growing – this means we have to increase our inventory. Listing new items is one of the ways of doing just that. By keeping your inventory fresh with brand new listings every day, you will see an increase in traffic and sales for your new and old listings. The best practice is to list a consistent amount every day. The amount varies with the store size and stage that you are in. If the store is new, for steady grow I recommend to start with 2 or 3 listings every day and increase the total amount by 1 or 2 every week. Do this until your consistent listing amount is from 20 to 30 fresh listings every day and stick to it. By doing this consistently, you will have steady increase in sales & traffic.

It’s a lot better to list a lower amount of items, but list them every day, then to upload 200 listings and leave the store without any activity.

How To Increase Sales On eBay​

Use eBay Promoted Listings

For some reason lot’s of sellers to this day chooses not to use Promoted Listings. Promoted listings are here for a reason. We should use every tool that eBay introduces to its marketplace to be on top of the game. Promoted listings will increase your sales by at least 30% if used correctly. Your listings will appear as Sponsored on eBay marketplace. Furthermore, eBay will advertise those listings on Google, Facebook and other places. This is a great tool to sell poorly performing listings and improve overall sales.

Run Promoted listings for 1-2 weeks and restart the campaign. Do not use continuous option, because from our experience, after around 2 weeks the traffic from Promoted listings will start to decline.

For best effect – choose the suggested ad rate and choose the ad rate cap of your choice. Increase your prices if needed.

How To Increase Sales On eBay​

Increase eBay Sales Using eBay Store Promotions

Store promotions is yet another underrated tool to increase eBay sales. To use eBay Store Promotions tool, you have to be subscribed to an eBay store. Choose Sale event + Markdown option and select 5-10% discounts on your existing products. We have noticed that it’s a lot better to increase prices by 10% and then run this promotion with a 10% discount. Ebay loves discounted prices – it’s a lot easier to sell those items to potential customers because the customer thinks that he or she will get more value for money.

Run store promotions together with Promoted listings for best effect. Choose 5-10% discount, and run this campaign for no more than 2 weeks and then restart.

How To Increase Sales On eBay​

Increase eBay Sales By Revising Old Listings

Almost every eBay seller has listings that just do not sell. Never leave those listings hanging. I recommend to raise & decrease prices for items that do not sell. Once you decrease the price, an automatic message will be sent to eBay users, who were looking into that product. This way you will have extra traffic coming in and the chance of selling that item will be higher. However, if the item does not sell for more than 3 months even while using these methods, I recommend to revise the item, or just to end it. Un-selling listings on your store will decrease sales through rate, which can impact overall store performance.

How To Increase Sales On eBay​

Ship Items Within Handling Time

Shipping items in time is very important on eBay. Always mark your sold items as shipped within your handling time frame. Even if you have not shipped the item, you have to mark it as shipped. This is very important for dropshippers. Sometimes item supplier is late with the shipment, do not worry – you can always upload tracking number later. However, you cannot let the sold listing to get overdue status. Ebay algorithm tracks the overall performance of the store. Shipping & handling time has a huge impact on the algorithm. If you were leaving sold listings on overdue status in the past, ship items in time from now on and the results will come in a few weeks.

How To Increase Sales On eBay​

Be Responsive On eBay To Increase Sales

Great customer support is one of the most important things on eBay marketplace. To have a successful store, you have to answer messages as fast as possible. Do not let those messages just hang out in there. By answering to messages quickly, you will avoid most of the unsatisfied buyers, furthermore, the customers will appreciate your quick reply. Never leave unanswered messages, you have to be the last one who has sent the reply. Again, this will impact the overall store performance.

eBay Tip Number 1How To Increase Sales On eBay​

Extra Tip To Increase eBay Sales – Change Quantity To 1

This trick works best for listings that already have sales history, change the quantity of poorly performing listings to 1. After doing this, eBay will show a little message on the listing, that this item is the Last One available. Potential buyers will see this and the feel of missing out will drive the sale. I know, to manually change the quantity of listings takes some time, however, it’s worth doing it. This trick combined with the methods I showed you before works very well. It does not mean that you will get a lot of sales instantly, however you will see an increase in your overall store performance in a week or two.

eBay Tip Number 1How To Increase Sales On eBay​

Combine All Methods To Increase eBay Sales

Combine everything that’s been told in this post and you will have a successful eBay store. Of course, other factors have to be counted in, however, this is the foundation of a good eBay store. Great products and high quality items is the key to eBay success!

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