How to find products to dropship on eBay from Aliexpress

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How to find products to dropship on eBay from Aliexpress

The biggest majority of eBay dropshippers are searching for one winning product to make the „Bank“. However, this strategy is a huge mistake, especially if you are new in the eBay dropshipping business. Gurus are trying to tell you that there’s a magic winning product, that will make you a millionaire, however, there’s too much competition for that to happen. To find products that are great for dropshipping from Aliexpress, there’s no magic pill. Yes, we agree that there are items that are performing amazingly, but that comes with experience! There’s no exact winning product when dropshipping from China. However, you can find some good performing items, that will sell regularly and stable.

Start Dropshipping Business

eBay Dropshipping From China: Stop searching for 1 winning product - Do This Instead

During the pandemic, eBay has raised store limits. This means, that brand new stores now can list up to 200 items for free! This is a great time to start dropshipping because you do not need any investments now. Now what’s left to do is to find products to dropship on eBay from Aliexpress.

eBay China Dropshipping Item Research Method (How to find products to dropship on eBay from Aliexpress):

How to find products to dropship on eBay from Aliexpress for begginers

List 200 items in your brand new eBay account.

Wait for sales, look for best-performing items.

If you got sales, list more similar items that were sold.

If you did not get sales, look for the best-performing ones, delete worst performing items and replace them.

Repeat the process until you have regular sales rolling in.

Create stealth accounts and repeat the process.

Purchase eBay store when you feel comfortable and expand your business.

How to find products to dropship on eBay from Aliexpress for experienced sellers:

List 1k items in your eBay store

Look for best-performing items

Replace listings with similar to best-performing items.

Repeat the process 2-3 times.

Create niche stealth accounts on the niches that are selling the best.

Expand your business with at least 5 stealth accounts and BANK!

By doing this method, you will find products to dropship on eBay from Aliexpress. By doing that you will have more time to scale your business. This is a tested method that works for both – experienced sellers and newbies. Also, this method does not require any investments, because eBay has increased the store limit for new stores!

If you are listing 1K items, do not worry. You will make up your spendings with your profits. We recommend to at least double the price when dropshipping from China. This way you will have 30% and more profit margin when dropshipping on eBay from China.

eBay Dropshipping Hot Items – RED FLAG

ebay account flagged

If you have noticed that your store has a Hot product, that is generating a HUGE amount of sales, we recommend to check if the product is not Copyrighted, Counterfeit or VERO. A large number of hot products are VERO or Counterfeit, which could kill your eBay dropshipping business, so that‘s why we recommend double-checking if that happens!

Ebay niche accounts vs eBay general store accounts

When dropshipping on eBay you can create two type accounts: general store and niche store accounts. The general store accounts are stores that have a huge variety of items in it. Niche store has only just 1 niche or sub-niche of items. Which is better? We have noticed, that in long run niche stores are superior to the general stores. Ebay‘s algorithm gives niche stores more sales compared to the general store.  Moreover, niche stores have returning customers. Also, the niche store looks more trustworthy from the buyer’s point of view.

Work with stealth accounts to expand eBay dropshipping business

The best way to expand your business with this method is to use stealth accounts. Having 5-7 niche stores ads up the profits! Stealth accounts are accounts that eBay sees as two separate accounts, that means if fone get banned, other ones are healthy and running! More about stealth accounts Read Here.

I’m stuck items are not selling

Improve your product research skills. For beginners, we recommend to list anything, but for some people anything is nothing. You can learn about product research tools HERE. However, we would like to mention that by using this method, you are not required to use those tools. However, if you want to use them, please use them for generating ideas for niches or items.

The last resort: Zik Analytics for ideas not stealing

If you are completely stuck on product ideas, we recommend using Zik Analytics to search for the products. However, we do not recommend working with this tool long-term, because if you start to copy other drop shippers, eBay will suspend your account sooner or later. Please be original with your listings – use original description and fill in the specifications. Never blind copy other sellers!

Rinse & repeat

The method is bulletproof. What you have to do now is to act. Do this method with more than 1 account to have great results.

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