The Proper Way to Contact eBay Support Through The Chat Option

Contact eBay Support Through Chat Option

We are writing this article because we are contacting eBay support on a daily base for our accounts and for our clients who wish us to solve their problems. We found many people are struggling to speak with the customer support of eBay. So in this article, I will reveal some tips and tricks on how to contact eBay customer support.

Think how customer support should react to your message

As this is not something special or high-skill required you should simply think about how you would react to your messages. I will always be doing this and keep telling this to people:

“do not let them work for You, make it easier for them”

When a human being factor hit, you always should try to minimize the struggle of the customer support agent. They can and will not take your case seriously if they were tired and you will give me minimum information on each case. Well, we all know how some customer support lines are working – they just simply try to hang off the phone as quickly as possible and not solve the problem. So if You act like You care and help them do it – you will reach the outcome and solve your issue on your eBay account.

What should you say when speaking with eBay support through chat?

You should always inform them about your account you contacting them about. Here is a good example of how You can start the chat even if You are contacting eBay support as a guest

More about how to contact eBay customer chat – CLICK HERE.

First of all, start the chat with a greeting of course, but right after the greeting you should say “

 “My name is JOHN WICK I have an account registered under this email and this username”

By saying this you will automatically save their time and they will ask You this question. This also will increase their mood, because you already provided what they would be asked You in the first place. So they will more likely to help You.

Secondly, always try to speak a correct English language and use eBay terms when describing Fees, Taxes, Listings, not received item cases, or returns. Also, try to write in formal language and be polite. Keep in mind they are always taking notes on your account when You are contacting eBay support through a chat option or a phone call.

 Thirdly – try to explain the situation short, but informative.

This part is pretty tricky but easy to understand. For example, if You are contacting eBay support because you want to remove your negative feedback – make sure you will describe these things:

  1. Buyer username
  2. Item title
  3. Item ID number
  4. Story what happened on the EXACT DATE.

 By providing this information to eBay support you will also help them because they would manually search for the item, negative feedback, buyer, and ask you. But you always try to be in front of them. Make it easier for them – they will make it easy for You.

eBay is asking me to click on the link and solve the problem automatically with eBay tools

We know this very well and most people fail right in this situation. When eBay start using their automatic appeals on negative feedbacks, defect sales, and many more cases it got really difficult to solve these problems on the line or through the chat option. But here is so tips and tricks how You can avoid these things:

When eBay support representative asks You to click on the link and fill appeal form, you simply tell them “sorry, once I selected the case ( or the item) I need to appeal I got an error. It says “it’s not You, it’s us”. This error code sometimes appears when You click on the seller hub pages on eBay and agents really can’t tell if you are saying the through – so after saying this You should ask for manual review and in most cases – THEY WILL HELP! For further notice, this may not be working for a long time if eBay will fix their webpage but In the meantime – you can use it for sure.

eBay keep the original decision when you appealed the problem

This is the reason I am telling people they have to contact and asks eBay agents to do it manually because their system is combined with artificial intelligence which can not determine the outcome to your favor or buyer favor by the situation You explained. It’s always better to explain it to a real human being.

Tip for the day:

“use appeal forms only as a last hope, because once you apply the appeal – it will be much harder to ask agents to review it manually and all they tell us that You already applied an appeal and it was rejected.”

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