7 Ways to Get Free Traffic for Your YouTube Channel

If you’re trying to build your YouTube channel but have no idea how to get Free Traffic for Your YouTube, then this post is for you. We’ll go through 7 different ways that will help you generate free traffic and grow your audience.

Promote your video on social media channels:

social media channels
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Find out where your target audience is hanging out and share the link to your YouTube video with them. You can do this by posting it in a relevant Facebook group, Tweeting about it, or sharing it on Instagram. Reddit works very well too, to Get Free Traffic for Your YouTube channel. If you post an interesting comment along with the link, people will be more likely to click through!

Re-share old videos that are still relevant today:

If you have some older content that’s still valuable for viewers but hasn’t been getting much attention lately, then take advantage of free traffic opportunities! Share the links from those posts as well as any new ones, so they get maximum exposure. This could help grow organic views on both current and dated content. By doing this method you will not only get Free Traffic for Your YouTube but also re-generate new views for the same video. It will perform better or worse. Worth trying.

Ask your followers on social media to subscribe, they will give you free traffic for your YouTube channel

susbcribe to youtube
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If you’re already doing a good job of building up an engaged audience through free traffic opportunities like promoting content or asking for shares, why not ask them if they want to subscribe? This is probably the easiest way to get free YouTube views. That’s because subscribers are notified every time there’s a new video posted! They don’t even have to look at their notifications for it works – just having that notification will help grow awareness. This also means they’ll be more likely (and willing) to share and comment as well, which could lead to more free YouTube traffic down the line.

Promote your videos by sharing other people’s videos with similar audiences:

You might not create free traffic for your videos on YouTube, but you can promote them by sharing other people’s content. If any videos have a similar audience and theme as yours, then share the link with the followers of those accounts. They’ll love seeing their favorite influencer mention what they’re watching!

Pay attention to trending topics it will generate a lot of free traffic

Trending topics affect free YouTube views in two ways – either last-minute news coverage or early reactions will refer back to old clips. For example, if Trump tweets about an incident during Obama’s presidency, millions of free YouTube views could go up overnight because viewers are searching how it happened originally (especially since he has such a huge following). This is also true for current events. If there’s a new trend going on, you could get free YouTube views by publishing an old video about the same topic that everyone is searching for more information on.

Optimize your free YouTube views with a call to action:

A great way to get free viewership is by adding a CTA (call-to-action) overlay at the end of each video. After you publish, please do some research on what viewers are searching for in that minute niche and include it! For example, if people want more information on how you made something in the recipe or tutorial, then add an “In this episode” call-out section where they can click through and read about it. Free traffic will be more likely because there’s now no barrier between them and the next video!


Optimize your Youtube videos. If you are getting started and writing Youtube tags in the field: Copy and paste ALL tags into the description. Each keyword will count as an organic keyword in the youtube and google search results, bringing you even more audience! This method is not recommended if you already have a decent viewer base, but as for starters, it really works! Try it.


With free traffic on YouTube, you can get more views and subscribers. These free traffic tips will help increase your viewership, but they’re only the beginning! If You would like to learn more about Youtube or how to make money online, you can follow us on Youtube right here


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