Free eBay tools for dropshipping

Lot’s of dropshippers these days are looking for the best tools for dropshipping. However, almost nobody is talking about tools that are already here to maximise your success. Of course, there are great paid tools for dropshipping at scale. However, we think that eBay has enough free tools for dropshipping already built-in. In this article we will discuss free eBay tools for dropshipping that are already built-in and on top of that, we will show the best free non-API lister. This lister is available world-wide and as we said – completely free.

Free eBay tools for dropshipping – Automatic Feedbacks

As a seller on eBay marketplace, sellers always have to leave feedbacks once a buyer has bought an item. We have noticed that once there are a lot of sales coming in, this process takes too much time. Loading speed is the main issue, especially if the seller is from a third country. To avoid this delay, eBay is offering sellers automatic feedbacks. We recommend using this tool once a store has a large number of sales because the tool comes free with Premium Store. We use automatic feedback on all of our stores – great time saver.


Premium store.

$15.99 if a seller does not have a store. (not recommended)

Free eBay tools for dropshipping – built-in product metrics

One of the biggest pain when dropshipping, especially for newbies is product research. We have written an in-depth article about eBay product research tools. However, eBay has built-in metrics, that dropshippers could use to find products on demand. Go to eBay performance, then click on traffic. This method requires items already listed.

Free eBay tools for dropshipping

Check out listing impressions. From this free data, sellers can take a look at what type of items are getting most impressions. We recommend listing similar items for those listings which have 30% more impressions than others. This way, the seller can determine what items are IN DEMAND. By doing this method, you will be able to increase the chances of selling the items, because those items are already getting traffic. If there are no sales – drop the price a bit or use Markdown promotion. You can find an in-depth article about this method HERE.

Free eBay tools for dropshipping

Data that sellers can find is completely free. However, most of the dropshippers are too lazy to do data analysis. We are using this method across our stores.

Free eBay tools for dropshipping – Promoted Listings

Promoted listings are yet another great free tool to use, to increase sales. We can argue, that to have a successful store in 2020 and 2021 sellers must use promoted listings. Yes, some can argue that it’s not free, because eBay is taking a cut from the sold item. However, think about it this way – eBay is advertising the listings on Google, Youtube all across the internet, to get you a sale. Raise the price of the listings and use the Promoted listings tool. We have noticed at least a 50% increase in sales while using it. Go to Marketing and click on Promoted Listings.

Free eBay tools for dropshipping

Start a new campaign. For a quick boost, we recommend using eBay’s Suggested Ad Rate. If the account is already getting sales, the optimal ad rate varies from 5-15 per cent depending on strategy. If you are a new seller, raise the listing price and use Suggested Rate with a cap on 15%. Also, we want to mention that you should have a campaign running for no longer than 2 weeks. We have noticed a decline in sales after using for more than 2 weeks. To avoid that just stop the campaign and create a new one.

Free eBay tools for dropshipping

Promoted listings for brand new eBay accounts

For brand new eBay accounts there is no Promoted Listings option. In order to get this option, the account must have recent sales activity. Do not panic if you cannot find this option. Once the store gets around 5 sales, the promoted listings option will become available.


eBay account with recent sales history

Feedbacks (not all the time)

Free eBay tools for dropshipping – eBay promotions

This tool is one of the best eBay tools for dropshippers and all other sellers. Ebay promotions allow us to create discounts and coupons. The seller can choose which promotion he or she wants. For example, a seller can make a $10 discount for every item in the store or there’s an option to create 10% discounts. Across our stores, we are mostly using 5%, 10% and 15% discounts depending on the niche and price of the items. We have noticed a huge spike in sales while using this tool. Why is that? Ebay loves discounts because it’s a lot easier to sell the item when there’s on. So what happens is, once there’s a discount, eBay will recommend the item for more potential buyers and this means a higher chance of the sale. Go to promotions and choose the promotion that you want to use.

Free eBay tools for dropshipping

For newbies we recommend Sale event + markdown. Our team has noticed that this promotion works arguably the best and it’s the most universal. Try at least 5% discount and check if sales are going up. If the sales are going up, raise the prices and choose 10%.

Free eBay tools for dropshipping – DS Titan lister (non-API)

Our team recommends DS Titan for listing items on eBay. This tool does not use API, which means your account will not get flagged. We are using DS Titan accoss all our stealth accounts. The lister is completely free which is the best thing. Plus DS Titan will let you store messages, copy the address of the buyer and automatically paste it. We have made in-depth article and video on this topic. Check it HERE.

Final word

Do not underestimate built-in eBay tools. Use the tools that eBay is offering. They are here for a reason. We would like to mention that when eBay announces ANY tool to the marketplace, they reward sellers that are using those tools.

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