How can I get eBay Support for sellers?

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ebay support for sellers

eBay support for sellers

You have come to the right place if you are looking for eBay support for sellers! The very first thing I must to say: We are not eBay itself, we are individuals that are helping other eBay sellers to deal with eBay, speak with eBay, solve eBay problems, suspensions, restrictions, and many more things. So if you are a huge company and you need to save a lot of time – you must have someone that will solve each and every of your problem!

What is our experience?

We have more than 6 years of experience selling on eBay. We mostly focused on eBay dropshipping but after some time we started selling normally too. I have to mention – eBay dropshipping is a very painful business where we face many problems and outstanding scenarios every day! The best thing we can share is how to generate sales on eBay. We know it best because as a dropshippers we will never have the lowest price and completely understand the process of why the lowest price wins not every time. We can explain each corner of eBay because you know it super well. So the things we will be describing as our services today are from our experience because we firstly started in our own country first – Lithuania. When we noticed that there is nothing similar in the market, we quickly organized to offer our service – eBay support for sellers!

Why we are doing eBay support?

The main reason is that we started just by helping other eBay sellers in our native country and once we figured out there are so many people that need help – we have opened a company, taught our teammates everything we know and we suddenly helped thousands of people! The real reason why would someone need help at eBay is that most of the sellers on eBay, do not speak English very well and it’s getting complicated to communicate with eBay support. When we opened eBay support for sellers service –
we understood, that there are multiple thousands of people who are In need of help every day.

What kind of support we are offering?

We can deal with any problem you have occurred on eBay but the very first thing You need to do is to contact us!

Little more about the help we are offering for eBay sellers

eBay selling limits increase – we all know that it takes a maximum half-hour to complete this step but if you are a poor English speaker – we can do this for You. At eBay support for sellers – we are offering a standard limit increase which is the most case are double the amount you have. But we also can increase the selling limits to 50.000 items and $500k monthly selling limits to any account you have – which is pretty insane!

Negative feedback removal – we are always seeking the best for our buyers but sometimes negative feedback can hurt our selling history and buyer experience and lead to loss of a buyer. For this thing to avoid, our team will help You to delete negative feedback on the eBay platform. You can always try to remove negative feedback by yourself reading this article.

Defect sale removal – when you are about to go to below standards with your eBay account, keep in mind that eBay support for sellers might help you to get back on track with this service. We can appeal any defect sale on your account. It takes time, but we have a high success rate if the defect sale will not be removed from your account – we guarantee we will refund your money.

Vero restriction removal – I bet you will never hear about someone who can help you to remove restrictions placed on your account because of Vero policy violation. But we can! We can remove 7-14-30 days restriction of intellectual property violation restriction placed on your account in 24-48 hours. So keep in mind contacting us about this service that it takes 48 hours to be removed. Not everyone wants to remove 7 days of restrictions when they have to wait 2 days.

Live sessions with us – what we can offer for sellers?

Our eBay support for sellers offer these kinds of consultations (1 on 1 session):

eBay algorithm explained – we can teach you to sell even more with your current listings amount by manipulating the eBay algorithm and preparing daily tasks for your account. Keep in mind we are dropshippers and selling items that are way more expensive than our competitors so this topic is the main thing that everyone should know about! The best experience is felt when you have 500 or more active listings on the eBay account, but it’s fine also with 100 active listings.

How to create eBay stealth accounts – we can teach You step by step how to create an eBay account and explain every part of the process briefly! If You are not good at English, you can take a look at our ebook “ULTIMATE EBAY STEALTH GUIDE” – however, if you want to jump right into the process and speak 1 on 1 with an expert you can book live consultation with us – at eBay support for sellers.

eBay account analysis – we know it’s hard to work and never know that you are on the good or the bad patch. So our most popular service – eBay account analysis will help you to understand whether you are doing the good thing or you need to improve things. We value our and your time, so this topic usually takes around 40 minutes when the other 1 on 1 service takes up to 2 hours. So if You feel your eBay sales are slow – contact us to get this thing fixed.

Ebay accounts for sale

We know that some of our clients do not have much time to create eBay accounts on their own – so we managed to offer a solution for those who are willing to build a huge empire with the ebay marketplace. We can offer to create an eBay stealth account for You. We have two options for this service: standard eBay accounts – which comes with brand new selling limits of 10 items and 500$ amount or you can purchase unlimited limits of eBay accounts with literally no limits on the selling. We already removed the first suspension from these kinds of accounts so you already have an edge over your competitors and save a lot of time doing it for yourself. Regarding the pricing and delivery time please contact us directly! We do have discounts for bulk account purchases.


Reinstate eBay account MC011 legal appeal

The most difficult scenario is when got an MC011 suspension on your eBay account. But don’t worry we have this service in our ebay support for sellers team and we are appealing these kind of restrictions with 91% of success! Because this is very serious suspension which depends on many factors and actions made on your account before, we highly suggest you fill the form in this link so we can take it more deeply – don’t worry, taking a look at the situation does not cost you! MORE ABOUT MC011

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