The importance of eBay seller metrics!

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eBay seller metrics

eBay seller metrics

This article is about eBay seller metrics, not service metrics that many people are thinking it’s the same. Seller metrics are: Click-through rate, sales conversion rate, Impressions, page views, and watchers. Watchers did not appear in the “traffic” section on eBay, but I will tell You why it’s important and why it’s not. For those who are in the rush, the main thing is that you will generate even more sales with the higher click-through and sales conversion rates on your account, and here is why.

Why do eBay seller metrics are so important?

The majority of sellers believe, that the more items they have – the more possible someone will purchase the item. It was true maybe 5 years ago but now all major search engines and algorithms are focusing on quality over quantity. This means you will better have fewer items that sell well versus many items that are selling slow. The reason for this thing is because eBay reward sellers who have a higher click-through rate and sales conversion rates. So the seller metrics are super important if you are selling on eBay and especially if you are dropshipping and can not compete with the cheap items.

Click-through rate on eBay

The click-through rate is calculated based on the impressions vs. clicks on your items. A quick example would be. If someone searches for storage bags and your item were on the page buyers were browsing – you got 1 impression. So it’s calculating by the times your item main picture and title are seen in the search results. Now, based on the click-through rate if 100 people see the item and only 1 click on the image or title – you will have 1% click-through rate. It does not always mean you will be getting 1% it may be higher and lower overall because you will have multiple items, hundreds or thousands – so the click through rate on your eBay seller metrics dashboards shows You average of all items.

Sales conversion rate on eBay

This eBay seller metric is calculated on the same principle as click-through rate, however, it gets more difficult because it only increases when someone who clicks on the item, really made a purchase. So these metrics is based on page views vs. purchases. Short explanation: your item has gotten 10 000 impressions with 1% click-through rate. You will have 100 page views ( your item was clicked 100 times) and the sales conversion rate is the percentage of people who made a purchase after they click on your item. So the mathematical statistics is that for every 10 000 searches you got only 1 sale with 1% of click-through rate and 1% of sales conversion rate.

Sellers metrics drive more traffic to your eBay items

It may be a secret of some kind of eBay algorithm, but the reason you are getting more sales not just because the sales conversion rate or click-through rate was increased on your account. It is because of the higher eBay seller metrics – the more traffic you will be getting from eBay itself. If eBay, as a marketplace will notice You to having great conversion rates and higher than 1% of your eBay seller metrics – they will definitely send you even more traffic to your items. This all happening because not every item appears on the search results, even they have exactly the same title buyer searched for.

The secret of eBay search engine

eBay seller metrics are important to comply with the new eBay search engine algorithm – relevance. Please consider this as not announced eBay policy but the fact is – the more relevant the items and the purchases to your buyers the more traffic you will be getting to your items on your eBay account. And the best thing to generate even more views and sales on eBay is to increase your seller metrics. If You still wondering how does this thing work we wrote a short article on Invisible eBay buy box. If you are not having time to read, the short conclusion for this article would be – eBay is hiding sellers items after they were sold, allowing other sellers on eBay to sell the same item. This way eBay gathers even more paid shop subscriptions and even more sellers are happy on eBay and the only way to manipulate is to have more eBay stealth accounts and better eBay seller metrics.

What are the tips for increasing sales conversion and click-through rate?

If you already that the more click-through and sales conversion rate driving you more and more traffic the goal is to maintain the higher seller metrics or keep the existing one. Here’s is a few tips that might help You to increase sales conversion rate:

Growing as slow as possible
It sounds like a not a good idea for the majority but the fact is: if You list 100 items today on the 100 item that you already have – your sales conversion rate drops twice. Because you will not have any time to sell any item from the ones you have listed. You won’t see the sales conversion rate dropped instantly but eBay already sees it. The same thing if you are going to end 100 listings on your 200 listings. The only one key point is to end listings that were never sold in the past 60-90 days. This will increase your sales in 30 days or less because by ending the items you never sold ( items already had 0% sales conversion rate) this will increase your sales conversion on your account but also important – don’t list super fast. List no more than 5% of your current active listings.

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