eBay Promoted Listings down – What Happened To Your Account

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promoted listings down

eBay Promoted Listings down

A lot of eBay sellers started freaking out when they notice, that promoted listings down on their eBay accounts and the reasons for such thing are most likely your eBay account got flagged. Their real problem is not only that the eBay promoted listings down – the real problem is that you are not getting enough sales to cover your eBay fees, store subscription, or even paying the employees. So why does thing happening and how You can prevent such eBay actions against your account.

eBay promoted listings went down

Exact day when eBay promoted listings down on your eBay account your sales are started dropping to almost zero! It’s not the promoted listings fault, it’s happening because your eBay account got flagged. eBay is doing this to prevent any kind of bad sellers on their marketplace. They officially announced it as the prevention against the dropshippers on their marketplace.

Why does eBay Turning off the promotions for any other kind of seller?

The real reason is that your account got flagged and your promotion listings went down not just because you were detected as a drop shipper but also – most likely you are not showed eBay the real value of your business. I am not saying your business is useless but most likely you did not serve your clients in the best manner, or you got a lot of returns and cases on eBay. This will trigger the eBay algorithm to check your account and decide – flag your account or keep as it is.

How they detected that I am a dropshipper?

eBay can see many things, including that you are using proxies or VPN’s but in most cases, they won’t tell you anything if you are a good seller and serving eBay clients in the best possible manner. On why your account got flagged we already wrote an article and you should check it out. But the main reason why shortly: eBay detects multiple combinations of your account activity and then strikes. The main reasons for such things may be: you are using stock footage from online or your supplier – which is not recommended by eBay itself. The second reason – is that you had a lot of problems with a particular item and other items on your inventory are good. This is the reason your promoted listing down and you’re no longer getting enough traffic or sales.

Will my promoted listings go back to normal?

There is no right answer on this question, because many practices showed up, that there is a slight chance of getting your account back on track and turn your promoted listings on. But it’s about completely changing your selling behaviors. The good thing is that if you are patient enough eBay probably removes the flag from Your eBay account in a year or so. So will notice that your eBay promoted listing down – no more. It will start working again and you will understand that you are no longer flagged.

How can I unflag my eBay account?

This is just a theory and it works not always, but basically, if you know that eBay commonly flags eBay accounts that are suspected for dropshipping – You should change your selling behavior and stop doing it once your eBay promoted listings down no more. Once you know that your promoted listings are no longer down – You can delete all listings and start dropshipping again. However, as I mentioned before this method is only working for the majority of people ant it takes take – but You should try to do it!

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