eBay linked my account to other one suspended eBay account

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eBay linked my account

eBay linked my account to other one

This article is an answer to people’s messages “how do eBay linked my account?”. The reason for eBay is linking your account is that you have been created an eBay stealth account improperly. Believe me. Creating an eBay stealth account is easy. The hardest part is to maintain it in a good condition, do not receive newbie suspension, and most importantly – avoid getting linked to your eBay accounts with the previously suspended one.

Types of eBay links between your accounts

Sometimes, when you are creating many eBay and PayPal stealth accounts you make a mistake by providing too much information for eBay or PayPal which can cause an eBay linking your accounts together. But in some cases, people link their eBay accounts with each other even they have different info on their accounts. So in this article will explain both ways and the best solutions for unlinking eBay accounts if this possible at your scenario.

eBay linked your account with someone’s account you don’t know

This case is easy to resolve because eBay made the decision based on the information on both eBay accounts. eBay linked accounts because they feel those accounts belong to the same person or company, it does not matter you are having different names, addresses. Sometimes it happens when huge companies are hiring people to work in their eBay accounts when the employees previously worked in another company eBay account which is currently suspended. This happens very often for my huge clients and the best way to avoid it is not to give permission to log in to your account if you are not sure that eBay will link your accounts or not.

eBay has linked your own accounts between each other

I know it’s frustrating, but there is less than 1% success if your accounts are having the same names on both eBay accounts. eBay linked my account multiple times and I wish I would not get those kinds of suspension ever again. But, hey, we are writing this article to educate the communication of eBay sellers and provide valuable information on any topic regarding eBay. So this article will explain everything you need to know about eBay linking your accounts with each other.

Why linking accounts is a bad idea

It’s not bad for the sellers who want to expand the business and they believe their account will never get suspended on eBay. It’s fine, eBay does allow to have multiple eBay stores as along as all stores are functioning fine. The problem appears only when one of the eBay accounts gets suspended, dropped to below standard level or you have not paid the fees. It all scenarios you are the one who is the fault for this happening but on the other hand – we have seen multiple stories about the things that happened that eBay sellers were out of control and they still got suspended! So think twice before linking your eBay accounts. It’s better to diversify your business and scale having eBay stealth accounts rather than combining them into one account.

Why how do eBay linked your account?

There are multiple scenarios and it would be difficult to explain everything in one article but the main reasons are that people are failing to create eBay stealth accounts and instead they are creating new eBay accounts without making them stealth. Now you may say, that you have to use other people’s names to make a stealth account, but the eBay stealth account does not always mean you should have different person information. eBay stealth account is that kind of account eBay will not link your accounts together. So you are always safe and will not say to us “ebay linked my account” they will not link your accounts unless you will make ordinary, not stealth account. And I highly suggest taking a look at our eBay stealth accounts guide which briefly explains how to create eBay stealth accounts on your name, even you were suspended before.

What are the main reasons for linking eBay accounts?

eBay linked my account because we were not using another user in our computer, we were not using other IP addresses and sometimes we made mistake by sending information to eBay during the selling period ( even accounts were not linked). To avoid getting your eBay account linked, you must follow the stealth guide or if you already know some knowledge about stealth accounts here are the things you might need to check and try to avoid in the future:

  1. If You are using google chrome, each time after your save your password, this tab will pop up, make sure you don’t click on synchronize because this might give the data to eBay about your previous eBay accounts.

  2. Don’t use email addresses unless you are logged in the user on your eBay account. There is an exception for this: you can have a sign in to your email on your phone, but You CAN NOT READ EMAILS RECEIVED. You can only have email to notify yourself about the sales, questions, returns, and cases.

3. Don’t make purchases between your accounts and any transfers between your PayPal accounts. It’s way better to miss the chance than to eBay linked my account suspension.

eBay is saying they will reinstate my account after I pay the fees

You know the eBay marketplace very well if you are here. They are saying this because you have left unpaid fees. Sometimes they will reinstate your account. Sometimes you just pay the fees and they will do nothing. So in my opinion, it’s always worth paying eBay fees, because you own to eBay but on the other hand, I highly suggest learning how to control the eBay stealth accounts and the only way is to master this thing is to make 1000 mistake and consume all available information. OR – you can take our eBay stealth guide and win 1-2 years of testing and trying. I promise it explains to you a lot.

Is there any chance my account will be unlinked?

Yes, there is. If your accounts are having two different names, there is a high chance to unlink your eBay accounts by contacting eBay customer support. If You are not eligible or hard speaking in English, we can do it for You. Just contact us. However, if you have your accounts linked with the same name – we barely can help You in this case because you made incorrect actions on your accounts. eBay linked my account multiple times so we can say this from experience – even you have a good, healthy account – try to have the other one with the stealth method, it is not a crime.

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