eBay dropshipping policy overview 2021

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eBay dropshipping policy

eBay dropshipping policy 2021

In early 2019 ebay has announced a new eBay dropshipping policy which led massive panic in eBay dropshipper communities all over facebook and youtube. In this article, you will know

  1. What is eBay dropshipping policy?
  2. It is the end of eBay dropshipping?
  3. What can you do to still dropship on eBay?
  4. Dropshipping is DEAD you say?! – eBay algorithm Q4 2021
  5. Best tips for eBay dropshippers in 2020-2021

For those who are in the rush, eBay dropshipping policy does not state that you are no longer can sell as a dropshipper on eBay marketplace. You can. And to understand it a bit deeper, please read the article.

What is eBay dropshipping policy?

eBay has announced that ”Dropshipping, where you fulfill orders directly from a wholesale supplier, is allowed on eBay.” Which is good for many of us, The business model that we are using are still allowed on the eBay marketplace, however, from eBay perspective, we have to have contracts with suppliers directly and do not use any third party retailer or website to purchase and fulfill our orders. This is an eBay statement from eBay dropshipping policy: “listing an item on eBay and then purchasing the item from another retailer or marketplace that ships directly to your customer is not allowed on eBay.
So by reading this, we all understand that eBay is no longer wanting dropshippers that are using retailers or other websites to resell items on eBay. But the biggest question is how do they know if we are using third party suppliers or have a contract with a supplier directly?

It is the end of eBay dropshipping?

This is not the end of eBay dropshipping. eBay dropshipping policy scared away many sellers from the eBay marketplace which is pretty good for us – long time sellers. However, it got more difficult to create an eBay account, stay on the platform, and continues successfully selling on the eBay marketplace after this policy was announced. You can read our other articles on “top-rated status lost due to eBay dropshipping policy” and “eBay algorithm” to understand the process more. But as far as I see they are not judging sellers who selling from third-party suppliers as they have no chance to determine whether we are using direct suppliers or using Aliexpress or Walmart for example.

What can you do to still dropship on eBay?

The answer is – be as creative as possible and stay confident with what you are doing. I know it’s not the right science to explain “you have to do exactly this or this” to avoid getting penalties from eBay dropshipping policy. There is no right answer on this and from our experience, we see that it all depends on the selling behavior on eBay marketplace. They are no longer do manual checks and checking reports for sellers. We teach the eBay algorithm how to trace us and we have to do it super professional. That’s why I am saying, that eBay is not longer a marketplace for newbies or people who wants to “try” business. You registered an eBay account – do it seriously, act like a business.

How can eBay trace us that we are drosphippers?

They can not trace us if you are doing everything perfectly and many people think that we have to create an eBay account and then list as many items as possible. This is not true. eBay has it own character and it’s getting very difficult as many people are still trying to scam eBay and they do not care about other sellers. There are thousands of people and groups that are working to gather money from eBay sales and run away. eBay dropshipping policy is aimed to purge all eBay dropshippers and scammers that are willing to destroy eBay reputation for buyers and make a huge loss to eBay. That is why if you are acting suspicious or doing something not serious – you will not probably start eBay account. And I highly recommend watching this video to better understand how the eBay algorithm works

Dropshipping is dead You say!? – eBay algorithm 2021 Q4

Not everything was said in the video, but it briefly describes what is eBay algorithm and how it can detect You and won’t allow you to sell on the eBay marketplace.

Best tips for eBay dropshippers in 2020-2021

  1. Focus on your selling behavior

This is a must if you want to be successful on the eBay marketplace when you are dropshipping, because they track your activity and if you are doing something suspicious you can either get MC011 suspension or your account will be flagged for not following eBay dropshipping policy.

         2. Make as consistent as possible to avoid the eBay algorithm to track your activity.

You have to do the same things daily, don’t make sudden changes in your account information, item location, prices, or quantity. This also applies to list exact same items daily or the same category because you have to act like a real business and many businesses are selling the same category for a long time.

         3. Trackings numbers and response time

Trackings are important for You because you will be checked if you are making a major change in your eBay account for example you were not uploading pursuing numbers and suddenly you started doing it – it’s a ban. Keep consistent. Also responding to eBay returns, not received items cases and buyers messages are also important – if you do not solve their problems, believe me, no one is going to help you reinstate your eBay account later on. Be kind in this case because a 20-50-100-200 dollars loss is not worth giving away all account and starting fresh.

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