eBay Dropshipping is dead 2020 | Yes, but – no

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eBay Dropshipping is dead 2020 | Yes, but - no

2020 was a hell of a year for any eBay seller. Covid-19 has challenged us to survive almost 1 year long China New Years. Furthermore, local sellers were not safe too – the sorting centres were one huge disaster worldwide. Some survived this mess however some did not. Moreover, we have noticed huge spike in dropshipping policy violations as well as a large number of accounts being flagged. One big question has risen: eBay Dropshipping Is Dead 2020?

Ebay is a marketplace with rules changing every quarter, sometimes every month. We as sellers are obligated to adapt to these changes as fast as possible, however, due to COVID-19 in 2020, it was almost impossible to adapt. For this reason, some eBay dropshippers have just given up and started to shout – eBay dropshipping is dead. We would like to tell you it’s not – eBay dropshipping is better than ever!

Good dropshippers versus bad dropshippers

Bad dropshippers VS good dropshippers

The difficulties that all of us has faced showed us which eBay dropshippers are good are which are just bad. Before the difficult times, even an average Joe who logged in into eBay account once a week could pull off eBay dropshipping. However, the times have changed – finally! All of the average Joe’s that made Dropshippers look bad in front of eBay’s eyes disappeared.

Bad eBay dropshippers:

Log’s in once a week;

Does not bother with difficult messages;

Lists new items once a week;

Forgets to mark items as shipped;

Does not uses tracking numbers;

Solves cases at the last second.

Good eBay dropshippers:

Log’s in everyday;

Answers every message;

Lists new items every single day;

Ships items in time;

Uses tracking numbers;

Takes good care of the store;

Uses promoted listings & promotions;

Expands the business with stealth accounts;

Deletes items that do not sell;

Always looks for new opportunities.

Ebay dropshipping is finally dead. For BAD dropshippers.

We are happy to announce that eBay dropshipping is dead for bad & lazy dropshippers! 2020 was a defining year for eBay business. At last, the lazy ones have lost this game. What does this mean to You? More sales. You as a dropshipper must sell as many items as you can with as much profit as possible. The competition has been lowered at least 1.5-1.6 times. Currently, the eBay business is booming it’s time to expand and crush it!

What to do to win eBay dropshipping?

eBay Dropshipping Winners

Be on top of the game

To win on eBay dropshipping you have to treat it as a real business. To win at any business you have to understand every single detail of it. eBay dropshipping is no exception. We recommend choosing at least two sources of daily information regarding eBay dropshipping business – this way you will be always on top & aware of any problems or opportunities (Ehm Ehm – Join Our Community!). This is one of the most important things. Our community knew about the COVID-19 situation from from the start and we were ready for unexpected events.

Work everyday

As boring as it sounds – you have to work every single day. Ebay tracks your logins, your actions on-site, when and where you are making changes. If you abandon your eBay store – that is one of the biggest reasons why lot’s of eBay sellers get suspended or flagged.

Will eBay dropshipping ever die?

No, it won’t. Selling stuff always was and will be a good business. Ebay marketplace is exactly just that – to sell and buy stuff. Even if rules got a lot stricter, there will be always a way to dropship. Just remember 2015-2016. The golden age of dropshipping, when anyone could register an account and sell almost anything that came to mind. After five years, we will remember 2020 the same. We will call this year the Golden Age Of Dropshipping because we can guarantee that the rules will be a lot stricter. Stay on top.

How to grow safely & exponentially on eBay

The best way to avoid issues with eBay as a dropshipper is to have MULTIPLE STEALTH accounts running. We recommend at least 5 stealth accounts. Even if something drastic changes, you will be able to make moves to save your accounts. From our experience, dropshippers who knows how to manage more than 1 account are always more aware of the issues that could happen and they avoid those problems in the first place.

There will always be people that say eBay dropshipping is dead.

Why? Because sometimes it’s good for THEIR business. Some Gurus are now placing ads and telling people ‘eBay dropshipping is dead, but drop-ship services is a booming niche’. You have to understand it’s their business model, they want you to believe that because they have some kind of courses that they will make bank selling. Other people are just negative in general. Lastly, there’s a lot of unsuccessful dropshippers that has lost this game because of previously mentioned problems. Don’t listen to them. It was alive and it will be. Always.


To sum everything up – eBay dropshipping is not dead. It’s better than ever. During COVID-19 the eBay sales have skyrocketed! Even though there’s was and there will always be some problems to overcome – with help of community you will always know how to avoid them. Show eBay that you are a great seller. Don’t be lazy. You will be happy that these changes have been made – you will have a bigger part of the pie!

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