eBay Dropshipping Fastest Way To List NON API Method

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eBay Dropshipping Fastest Way To List NON API Method

In this article  we will teach you how to list items from Aliexpress to eBay for dropshippers who are dropshipping from Aliexpress to eBay. This tool does not use API, that means that there’s no risk of being flagged or breach eBay dropshipping policy. We use this method for over 3 years and never got any problems when using this method. From our experience this is eBay Dropshipping Fastest Way To List Items. We would recommend to read our Product Research Method first, before reading this article.

NON-API Free eBay dropshipping tool

For most of our stores, we are using a NON-API dropshipping tool which is called DS Titan. This tool is completely free. From our experience, this is one of the best tools to use when dropshipping from Aliexpress to eBay. DS titan automatically uploads photos, specifications and can upload your premade description. This way, you will save tons of time, because you will only need to change just a few things to list the item. Average listing upload speed: 1-2 minutes per listing.

How to upload eBay listings with DS Titan

To list an item using DS Titan, you will have to set up a DS TITAN account at dstitan.com. Register using your Google account and log in. 

eBay Dropshipping Fastest Way To List NON API Method

Once you logged in, install Google Chrome extension. This extension is required for this software to work. Once you did that DS titan will use it’s default settings for pricing, UPC codes, templates and preferences. We will go through DS TITAN setup in another article.

eBay Dropshipping Fastest Way To List NON API Method

Import the item from Aliexpress to DS Titan

To begin our listing process, we will need to open up Aliexpress listing that we want to upload. Once we are in Aliexpress listing, look at the bottom right corner and press Import. By clicking this button you will upload the item to the DS titan lister. imported item will appear on the Products page. 

eBay Dropshipping Fastest Way To List Items

Let’s go to DS titan and check out our product. Reload the list, click on title to open your listing up in DS Titan. As you can see DS titan has almost every attribute that eBay listing page has. Also Just like in eBay listings page, You can modify Your listing here BEFORE uploading it to eBay. However, we don’t like to do that because in our opinion, it’s easier to set up the DS Titan so that you need to do a few changes on eBay listing as possible. Those few changes will be made on eBay’s listing page.

eBay Dropshipping Fastest Way To List Items

Begin listing process on eBay

To start, let’s open up eBay page. Click on sell and wait until the page and extension load up. Just a quick side note – this extension works as long as the page is active – for example, if you press on export and then you open a new tab on google chrome, DS will stop working. it’s very important to be on listing page when DS titan is exporting a product.

eBay Dropshipping Fastest Way To List Items

Export product from DS Titan to eBay

Choose the product that You want to export to eBay and click on the Export button. Please do not leave this page while DS titan is filling in the information, otherwise, the extension will stop working. Once DS titan has finished uploading, let’s take a look what info has been filled in. As we can see Titan has copied Title, made custom label, chosen condition, uploaded photos, uploaded specifications that were in Aliexpress listing, uploaded our item description & price. Now let’s optimize the listing for eBay’s algorithm.

eBay Dropshipping Fastest Way To List Items

Optimise the listing for eBay Algorithm

Optimise eBay listing Title

The title has been just copied and pasted, we want to change it to a better one so we could be ahead of the competition. To create a title You can use title builder, Google or even eBay. Of course, there are more advanced tools like Zik Analytics, however, we will not use those tools in this article. When creating a title, best keywords should be in front, and worse one’s in end. Use as many characters as you can to maximise reach potential.

eBay Dropshipping Fastest Way To List Items


Choose correct category for your eBay listing

Choose correct category for your listing. Most of the time eBay chooses a correct one automatically, however you should double-check it. If it’s completely wrong check suggested categories and if you still cannot find it click on search categories and find the one that suits listing best.

Create variations for your listing from Aliexpress to eBay

Now let’s take a look at variations. DS Titan automatically creates variations for you. Photos have been added automatically too. If you want to make changes, click on edit. We do not recommend to change variation names as this would compromise our listings pricing. If we delete variation, we will have to fill in the price by hand. That’s one one of the disadvantages while using DS titan, however, this happens very rarely. Once we are done with editing, click on save.

eBay Dropshipping Fastest Way To List Items

Optimise eBay listing pictures

As we can see DS Titan has already uploaded photos. Now what you should is do delete unnecessary photos and choose the best one for the MAIN photo. We will choose this one because It’s the best-looking one. It’s because that you want to have the best photo as main because this way you will attract more buyers. This way you will have a better click-through rate.

eBay Dropshipping Fastest Way To List Items

How to optimize eBay listing specifications

On eBay there are three types of specifications: required, recommended and additional item specifics. Required specifics must be filled in, otherwise, eBay won’t let to list the item. Recommended item specifications will have a big impact on item Reach Performance, additional specifications have an impact on search engine too, but not as huge as previous ones. Fill in as many item specifications as you can. Of course, when dropshipping you will not know every detail about the item so it’s fine to leave some blank spaces. If you don’t know exact specific, choose the closest one. Click on additional options and fill as many as you can too! Once we are done, we can go on the item description.

eBay Dropshipping Fastest Way To List Items

How to optimize eBay item description

In the item description, we can check our description in two ways: HTML code and standard view. Any changes you make on the standard version will have an impact on HTML code and vice versa. We would recommend to create a template, save it to DS titan, make it a Default one and when You will be listing items, You will have to change JUST one or two things.

eBay Dropshipping Fastest Way To List Items

eBay how to make an item description for listing from Aliexpress

Copy item description from Aliexpress, paste it to notepad, copy it again and paste it to the item description. This step is critical, we have to clear the metadata of the text, so eBay will not detect that this text is from Aliexpress. Many dropshippers are having problems because they miss this step.

Optimise eBay listings price & shipping details

We will use a fixed price option because it’s not an auction-type listing. Accept offers, that way you will have 5-10% more sales, choose the quantity.

Fill in Your PayPal address, check if it’s right, it will auto-upload in future listings so you need to do it just once.

Always accept returns and replacements. Offer highest return dates. Ebay customers will be able to return item anyways, even if you don’t check this box, so there’s no point. You will be loved just a bit more by eBay’s algorithm this way.

eBay Dropshipping Fastest Way To List Items

Choose Your shipping. We are shipping from China, so that’s the services that we are using.

Offer Free shipping and count in the shipping cost in the total price, you will get more points from the algorithm.

eBay Dropshipping Fastest Way To List Items

We don’t care about package weight and dimensions because shippings free.

Make an exclusion list – ban countries that You cannot ship to. This is a list for newbies – we recommend to ban these countries if you are shipping from China.

Choose item location, if you are dropshipping from China, do not have several locations on one ebay account, choose one and stick to it. Selling with several item locations can get You banned on ebay or Your acc can be flagged for dropshipping policy violation.

eBay Dropshipping Fastest Way To List Items

Once we are done we can click on List Item button.

That is our way to list items in 1-2 minutes using DS titan. We hope you can use this tool to your advantage. Follow our work on the website and socials for more free eBay dropshipping methods

We have prepared in depth video about this listing method, please watch it if you do not understand some steps.

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