eBay Dropshipping From China On Christmas Q4

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eBay Dropshipping From China On Christmas Q4

As we all know Christmas time is coming. Every dropshipper knows, that eBay dropshipping from China on Christmas Q4, is the best time of the year for everyone who’s in an e-commerce business. Ebay will be pushing loads of traffic to its site generating huge profits, which means we will get a piece of the pie. However, due to the situation in the world drosphippers should be careful this year. 2020 has shown that some challenges are super hard to overcome, but if dealt with correctly, everything could be solved. So what you should do to maximise your profits as an eBay dropshipper on Q4?

Dropshipping From China On Christmas - China struggles

eBay China Dropshipping Chrismtas

When a huge spike in sales happens, China has to deal with all our packages. This means an enormous workload to the shipping companies, packing companies and sorting centres. To prevent problems we always recommend our community sellers TO SHIP ITEMS IN TIME. Do not waste even one day. When an order comes – order it to your customer as fast as possible. Even if there would be a delay, you would save some waiting time, which is crucial when dropshipping from China.

Keep contact with your eBay buyers on Christmas period

Christmas eBay dropshipping

Prepare for loads of messages – people will be impatient on this time of the year. This means that the customers who receive items quickly will be more likely to leave a Positive Feedback, however, if the item is late, there’s a higher chance to receive a case or a Negative Feedback. Please be patient and REPLY to CUSTOMERS messages AS FAST AS POSSIBLE. Never leave your customer in the unknown!

Christmas sales on eBay requires more work

On this years Q4 we are preparing for an extremely large spike in sales. Due to COVID-19, people got used to ordering the things that they need online. That is great for us – the market has boomed to the 2012-2013 levels. Our team is prepared to deal with record sales this year – however, we all should be ready for unexpected. The first thing that will introduce itself is tons of work once the sales are coming in. If you are a newbie, you should prepare to deal with a huge spike. That means you will have less time on your holidays.

Get ready to make changes to your dropshipping business

We recommend to stay very aware, that huge number of shipments will be dispatched out of China and because of that, there could be delays. Keep in mind that you have to be prepared to make quick changes on your eBay dropshipping business. Increasing handling time on your shipments or even stopping the business completely is an okay practice if things get out of hand. 

eBay dropshipping - keep contact with your suppliers

eBay keep contact with suppliers

Make sure that you are in contact with your suppliers and check if everything is fine with the stock or workload. Working closely with your suppliers can avoid future issues. We had experience with a seller who had been using fake tracking numbers and was checking packages as Shipped. However after a month or two (because we drop ship from China), we had a lot of problems due to this issue. From that time, we are keeping contact at least with our main supplier.

Outraged eBay buyers during Christmas Q4

On Q4 eBay dropshipping, we have a huge spike in unsatisfied buyers. It’s just that time of the year – don’t worry about it too much. Take care of cases that are being opened – do not let eBay close them. Furthermore, try to solve the case without the refund. Contact the buyer directly and be apologetic and forgiving.

Will Covid-19 stop all shipments on eBay during Christmas Q4?

We cannot guarantee that everything will be fine on this years Christmas season, however, we would like to assume that the worst is over & shipping companies are ready to handle the increased quantity of shipments. The most important thing is to order items in time – do not wait and don’t be lazy!

Dropshipping From China Q4 Christmas

To properly prepare for Christmas season when dropshipping from China, dropshippers have to start listing the items a lot earlier. We recommend 7-8-9 month to list those Christmas items. If you have missed the time frame – do not worry! List items for the cold season in general and start to prepare for the hot season. When dropshipping from china we have to think forward a lot, however, we can sell items all year with high profits.

eBay Christmas season – what are best items to list?

Christmas ebay what to sell

On Christmas, the best items that sell are of course seasonal items oriented to cold season & Christmas theme. However, we would like to warn, that those items only sell on Christmas and you should not expect to sell that inventory all year.


In conclusion, we would like to remind you to stay extremely alert on eBay dropshipping on Q4 Christmas, if necessary take action: increase your handling time or if something goes bad – stop selling and wait 1-2 weeks to restart.

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