eBay’s Invisible Buy Box

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ebay buy box

eBay’s Invisible Buy Box

Do you know a person who always changes his mind or opinion on a daily or weekly basis? This is how we feel understanding eBay as a business. 2 years ago eBay announced they are making a buy box just like amazon and every item listed on the eBay marketplace must be categorized. That’s never happened! But the reality was that eBay do actually made It and it has an invisible buy box!

What is the Buy Box?

The definition of a buy box came from Amazon listings. The same items are going to be put under the same box. And many sellers can sell the same item on the same page.

Whenever buyers click on the “buy now” the seller who wins the buy box at this moment – will get a sale. But tons of other sellers have different prices and feedbacks on their profiles.

How does Amazon decide which seller will get a sale?

It depends on many algorithms of amazon, which we don’t really know. But what we wanted to show You – is what is buy box and how does it work for You to fully understand our topic later.

How does eBay buy box works?

There is no right answer but as full-time dropshipper we have noticed some things that might help You to understand how it works. eBay totally knows, that the more sellers on the platform – the more gross profit they will make. So they decided to share sales with each seller on eBay equally. This does not mean you will get sales, there much more than listings to eBay. eBay has its own algorithm that makes sense. But today we are talking about eBay’s Buy box.

eBay hides and shows listings

YES! eBay is doing it. If You got a sale on the same or similar item that your competitor has – it might that your item was removed from eBay search temporary till your competitor sales the item too. This is happening because eBay needs to have as many sellers on the platform as possible. If one seller will get all the sales – would it be unfair? It does not mean you are losing sales in this way – visa versa – perhaps you are getting much more sales because of it?

How does eBay decide which seller may get a sale first?

Speaking from our experience it does not really matter who gets a sale first the real thing that matters are your item price, your selling metrics, and your eBay activity performance.

Your eBay item price

The less the better? If You are drop shipper we should totally know, that price does not really matter when it comes to selling online – as there are 7 billion people on the planet and many people are just not comparing prices. My point it – if You are having a huge price on the item – it still will be sold, unless the price for that item is way bigger than the market average. Imagine you’re selling from China and items are way cheaper just because of the long shipping. It does not mean the market price for this item will be the same as you are purchasing the item. The market price will be determined by all sellers in the world. This means – many online stores will have a bigger price if they are having the item in their own storage. So if You find a great item that costs 10$ on aliexpress and you are willing to sell it for $20 you can! Check eBay, Amazon, and Aliexpress prices, compare them, and make the price for your item. It will be always bigger on Amazon if the seller is using FBA ( fulfilled by Amazon).

AliexpresseBay and Amazon prices compared – The real market average is about 7-8$

Your eBay seller metrics

Sellers metrics do care when it comes to winning an eBay buy box. Because your item will be shown more and more times and you will be getting much more traffic just to having better seller metrics than your peers. This is a part of the eBay algorithm. Just do things right and eBay will reward You with the better traffic to Your items. It’s not the SEO of items that are winning in 2020. It’s the relevance and understanding of why your eBay item is shown much more than your competitors. Do you have much more sales than Your competitor at the same price? Greetings, You are winning the eBay Buy Box race. A slight 10-20% price difference between you are your competitors does not really matters, unless there are tons of competitors. Just do the right thing and You will be beating your competitors on eBay for sure!

eBay activity performance

It matters. It does really matter when it comes to activity on the eBay marketplace and winning eBay buy box. You never know when You won the most traffic of your competitors but at least you will know that you made a decent amount of sales and made everything right. It’s the main algorithm machine for 2020 for almost each internet platform and social media so you must follow the algorithm guidelines to win eBay buy box and generate even more traffic your eBay items. You can read our blog on the eBay algorithm HERE.

How does it help me as a dropshipper?

It helps You to improve your impression and traffic to your eBay listings by displaying your items more often in the invisible buy box then your competitors. And it also explains a lot of why sometimes your items are not displayed in the search results. And this is also a part of the promoted listings problem which I will be explaining in the other article.

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