eBay Algorithm for 2020 Q4

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ebay algorithm

eBay Algorithm Explained - Short Version

In this article, You will know the newest tendencies on the eBay algorithm and how you can sell even more if you follow the eBay algorithm properly. I and my team are selling on eBay for 6 years and we are dropshippers – which means – we sell items we don’t have with the higher price than our competitors which allow us to perfectly understand the eBay algorithm and it’s working principles. All You have to know at this moment is that You can apply the same rules and strategy and it will work for You too.

eBay algorithm is running by artificial intelligence

eBay now has running artificial intelligence which is the biggest part of the eBay algorithm. Before You read the following article you will have to understand. Your eBay selling account is checked daily by artificial intelligence. No human being is checking or deciding anything about your eBay activity or giving you more or less traffic. Unless You are doing bad things then there is a possibility that your account is checked by one of the eBay team members, but probably not for good.

Activity algorithm on eBay

For the past 2 years, eBay is rewarding sellers who are active on their platform. This is not a secret the main algorithm for all marketplaces, social media in all the world is now running on an activity algorithm, even Youtube, Tiktoks, Instagram or Facebook has this algorithm, and the accounts that interact and act more on the websites – get a bigger proportion of traffic. This is super logical to determine which sellers on eBay are worth the reward. Which sellers on eBay are just playing and having a hobby and which ones are trying to build a huge business.

Listing your items on eBay

I bet everyone thought that the activity is on your eBay account is only listing more items. But if You are still thinking this, You should read my article on “Sales Conversion Rate” and “Click Through Rate” to understand, that the huge amounts of listings are even bad for your selling account and eBay algorithm does not reward people with mass listing software. To get on conclusion on this. eBay algorithm tracks how many items you have listed daily and if that number differs from your yesterday numbers – this is not good for the account and for the algorithm. Keep your actions as same as possible daily on your eBay account to get rewarded by the eBay algorithm.

Revising your items on eBay

Believe me or not, revising your items on eBay have a huge impact on how much sales and traffic you are going to generate this month. This is not only because you making your account more active and in front of eBay algorithm eyes you are making changes to the items that were not sold yet to make sure you will sell them. eBay does really likes it.

Running promotions and promoted listings

Promotions and promoted listings are just fine if you just use it. But the real issue if that you need to show activity on your eBay selling account and be seen by the algorithm. This is why I advise never to use continuous promoted listings and promotions. Those things always must have a date no longer than 1 month. The other factor is that you have to run promotions, not on all of your items. Because rarely huge companies are running ads or promotions on all of their inventory.

Checking on your best items

If you feel a dip in the sales of your best items you should do this: I know you will think we are insane just by saying this, but you have to open your items in the new browser tab, scroll down to the bottom – close it. This is working thing and it can not be a coincidence that items are starting selling after they were not sold for a few days of months. I highly suggest you do it once a month or once you feel you are having slow sales. By doing this you also notice the eBay algorithm that you care about your posted items and you feel that you could change something in it.


This method is only working if you are having slow sales for at least two months in a row. It will help You to gain some sales and start selling again like normal. Take your phone. Go to the ebay contact page and call eBay. Ask them why your sales are so slow and what You can improve. Than You ask them “can you please refresh my store?”
Refreshing your store means your all listings will be in the highest possible position ever on the search results for a particular period of time. It’s like having all your inventory relisted – but nothing special has changed. In this way – the eBay algorithm with definitely reward your account with a huge portion of traffic and it will be visible in the traffic tab after a few days.


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