MC011 Your eBay Selling Account Has Been Restricted Suspended

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mc011 ebay account suspended


It’s not the secret every eBay account MC011 has been suspended at least once in their lifetime, however You don’t want to be suspended, neither I or other ones likes getting banned by eBay.

In this article I will explain why some people do receive a message from eBay account MC011 Suspension and how to properly handle it.

eBay is running artificial intelligence and they officially announced it. So to comply with the robot thinking virtual machine – you must understand how it works.

eBay artificial intelligence (later on – AI) is created to change the eBay members and save up time by investigating other sellers and buyers profiles to detect and avoid any suspicious or hazardous activity on the platform. Which sounds good to everyone right?

On the other hand, eBay is protecting itself from the very popular business model called – Dropshipping. Correct me if I am wrong, but there is nothing bad with dropshipping and eBay do “allow” it if the seller is acting properly.


This is happening not only to new sellers, but also the old ones on the platform. This is because of eBay artificial intelligence scans and detects suspicious activity.

How to avoid suspicious activity and prevent mc011 suspension on eBay account?

First all there are two important stages in this guide:

  1. You are a new seller to the eBay platform.
  2. You are an old seller to the eBay platform.


First of all, you must understand, why this is happening, as I have mentioned previously – it is happening because you in the radar of eBay. The fact is, everyone is creating stealth accounts and they are doing all the same. They create the eBay stealth account, wait a few days and then start listing. The huge problem over here is that they ALL DO THE SAME THING. So the first key point where you can be detected as a new seller on eBay – do differently than the masses are doing. List your item right after account creation. The very tricky part is that you should list items from your own location, even you are dropshipping, for the first 2 weeks.
This way, you will do slightly differently than other dropshippers and will prevent eBay account MC011 suspension or you will not get a newbie ban. If You will get Newbie suspension – it will be easier for You to remove it.


Well as I have spoken previously – MC011 can be easily prevented if you will be smarter than an AI robot. Can You be smarter than an AI robot? Don’t worry, it is easy. AI scans and analyzes data only, keep in mind AI is not a human being and it will not check and think, if it sees any suspicious move, action, the difference it can easily place your eBay account on hold and send you MC011 message.

If you know that it only analyzes info, based on previous info – the main goal is to keep your eBay account running as same as possible. And there is a tricky question. How You can grow your sales if you need to keep your account the same as the previous month. The answer is you don’t need to stop your account from growing, but you need to grow at a normal speed. By saying that I mean you will need to make changes in your revenue as least as possible. If you think a little about the change in your revenue – keep in mind, – lower revenue may also result in MC011 account suspension. This is because eBay thinks these two ways:

  1. Account owner revenue is growing – let’s check it if he/she could handle it.
  2. Account owner revenue is going doing – let’s check if he/she could pay all the bills.

In both ways, your account will be placed on hold and you will have to upload all documents to eBay if they require any. However – not always MC011 suspension can be lifted as eBay feels your invoices, your tracking numbers or your ID document are just not right for them. So the easiest way to deal with MC011 Suspension is to avoid it at all.

The other reason for suspension is that you will have a lot of defect sales, returns, or not received item cases.

This is very important for all eBay dropshippers to understand – how they detect If you are dropshipper?
Simply. You have a lot of returns or not received items cases on the same items. Personally, if I get one return with the reason – broken/defective or something suspicious, I will not sell this item anymore and I feel I can get my eBay account suspended right away. The same thing with not received item cases.
eBay thinks “ if you are in control of your inventory, this should happen to all of your items, not a particular one.”
This is why so many sellers received notifications from eBay that their accounts lost top-rated status and account are being flagged. This is not because of item location – but I will speak about flags and item locations in my other article.

Tips for the sellers:

  1. Control your revenue. Everything above 2000$ in monthly revenue can’t grow higher than 30% or it can not go down more than 30%. This is the safest way to prevent MC011 Suspension on your eBay account.
  2. Remove the items that caused you the most troubles. If the same problem will happen on the same item – eBay will put your account on Hold and will suspend eBay account with MC011 suspension.

I hope You got the basic knowledge of how eBay scans and detects something suspicious the last thing I would remind You is the tracking numbers – if You upload them – keep uploading them every time. If You will be late to upload tracking numbers for a few days – eBay can also suspend Your account. The same things if you were never uploading tracking numbers and recently started to uploading. They detect it as unusual activity and will probably want to know You better as a business. So treat your eBay account as business and there will be nothing to worry about.

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