How to find hot products for eBay dropshipping from Aliexpress

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eBay Product Research

How to find hot products for eBay dropshipping from Aliexpress

Finding products to dropship is one of the most important things in dropshipping. In this blog, you will see 4 methods on how to find new hot products to list on eBay for your dropshipping business store from Aliexpress. It does not matter if you have 5000 listings or 50 listings. This post will help you to brainstorm new products, test them out & if they don’t work just find even more!

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Product Mafia

We would like to begin with this product research website. In this website, you can find ideas or new items to sell on Your eBay dropshipping store. Simply go to, choose product type, category or just leave everything as it is and scroll down. Look for new opportunities. Furthermore You don’t even have to have an account to use this tool. We recommend using this tool when you are out of ideas for new listings. This is a great brainstorming website! Sometimes we notice that some products are being recycled, sometimes there are some hot items to make some nice profit. Moreover, we would advise not to list everything that is shown because from our experience you could get some VERO policy violations.


Free to use

Sometimes shows real hot products

Great for brainstorming ideas for new items

The average on catching trends


Could get in trouble if listing everything for VERO policy violations

Some items are recycled from time to time

They post everything if they cannot find great new items, so sometimes a tool is not useful

PEXDA is a similar website to the Product Mafia however, we have seen some better quality products out there. This tool is free too, however, to get SPECIAL or TRENDING products, you will have to wait longer to receive information about them, then the members who have purchased the subscription. From our experience, PEXDA is very similar to PRODUCT MAFIA, however, we would prefer PEXDA over the PRODUCT MAFIA due to a bit better quality products. However we would like to warn you that if you list every item with this tool, you could get a VERO violation too, so please be wise.


Above-average product quality

Great for brainstorming for new ideas

Updated daily

Free version available


You have to pay to have full access to hot products

Some items are recycled

Risk of VERO

eBay Trends

eBay Trends is a great tool to grasp knowledge about what’s currently trending on eBay. For the most part, you will not find the exact product to use on your eBay store, but this tool will allow you to know the CURRENT trends on eBay. We use this tool at least once a week to see new opportunities in the market. We have noticed that you can find similar products on Aliexpress to dropship. We recommend every eBay seller to use eBay trends because every eBay seller has to know what is trending on the marketplace that they are selling.


Trusted – this tool is owned by eBay

Shows what is trending at the current date

Updates daily



You have to find SIMILAR products to sell yourself

Sometimes the tool is not useful

Limited information

youtube, button, website


Yes, you heard us right – Youtube is a great tool for eBay product research. Just simply got to and put in keywords like top trending products 2020 or new digital products review. Sort them by date and you will have the latest Youtube videos reviewing the newest trending products. This is one of the greatest tools to use because the work has been done already for you – Youtubers who are reviewing the products searches for great ones themselves, that means that you as an eBay seller just have to grab EXACT or SIMILAR items that are being reviewed and list them! This works on both – selling locally and international drop shipping. We recommend this method as a new product research tool & as a great tool brainstorm new ideas.



Work has been already done for you

Unlimited database of videos

Latest trends


If the reviewer has been done his work poorly, you will get low-quality products

Be aware of VERO!

Lots of branded items

Zik Analytics

Zik Analytics is not free to use the tool. We have few opinions about this eBay product research tool. This tool could be used to find super great products to dropship if used correctly but can kill your account if you don’t know what you are doing.

To start with we would like to mention that this tool is oversaturated. Too many dropshippers are using this method just to scout other dropshippers and relist the inventory to their own account. This worked like 2 years ago, however, the times has changed. Ebay knows that you are listing the same items as another store. We have noticed a huge spike in restrictions when sellers are starting to use this tool & just scouting other dropshippers.

How to use Zik Analytics so you don’t get banned on eBay

Stop being as everybody else – eBay has an AI that tracks every seller and sorts thru big data. If you are just copying others – good luck. In a year or two, every seller that is doing that will be banned forever. Moreover, if you are using this method of copying right now, you will never see the results the same as another store. Why? Because eBay knows!

Follow our guidelines if you have decided to use Zik Analytics:

  1. NEVER STEAL. If you are just copying and pasting the listings or listing every item just as seen on another dropshipper store – you are on a clock.
  2. USE IT FOR ITEM IDEAS. The Zik Analytics tool is extremely good for catching trends on eBay. The data that you are getting is a real-time data – which means you could get on a train with a lot of money. Select keywords, search for similar items – bank.
  3. MAKE YOUR EBAY LISTINGS ORIGINAL. Stop stealing. It’s in 2020. We have artificial intelligence, eBay just knows. If your listings have been copied – you will never achieve great results.


In conclusion, every tool for product research is a great tool but has to be used correctly. Do not steal other dropshippers products, make original listings and search for new product ideas. Increase your sales! Good luck.

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