Contact eBay Support – Guide to Reach eBay Customer Support

How to Contact eBay support during the COVID-19 period

The easiest way to contact eBay support was through a phone call. Which can easily be done calling eBay phone numbers provided in the contact us eBay page. BUT it’s been a while since coronavirus or COVID-19 hit us, sellers. The virus impacted many more spheres than we have imagined, including the way we should contact eBay support.
It depends on the country you have registered your eBay account which contacts eBay support phone number you will be using.

Here is the list of eBay phone numbers for your future calls.

International phone number: (866) 540-3299 – works well because even if you are not member. When You call this number – they usually transfer You to the right department and it’s way faster than to reach other customer services numbers.

United Kingdom phone number: 0800 358 6551

Report a problem with hacked account phone: (866) 348-9519

Report fraud: (866) 643-1607

Investors: (800)305-4605

Paypal phone number: 1-402-935-2050

All numbers displayed must be entered with a country code of United States or United kingdom.

Tips for you:

Call using skype or Viber – it’s always free to call using these applications.

How can contact the eBay or Paypal support when the waiting time is so long

For contacting eBay support the best option is that You contact them through a chat. Well. Many eBay domains have a live chat option but our advice is to use live chat support. It does matter You do no have an account registered on this domain, they do help even you are registered on eBay Hong Kong.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Help & Contact
  3. Scroll down and select the topic you would like to speak about.
  4. If You don’t find the chat option here is the link of the chat. It comes You speak about the returns, but once the chat is started you will them the problem and they will redirect You to the right department.

Tips for contacting eBay support through chat option:

  1. When You press on the “chat with us” button, you can be signed in to eBay with your credentials as always, but what I recommend You the most is to use the Guest option.
  2. You click on the “chat with us” button and this window appeared.
  3. The last option is to “continue” once You clicked it, the chat opens and you have to write about your issues.
  4. I highly recommend starting a chat by saying “Hello, Dear Sir/Madam, I have an account registered under My name is Firstname Lastname and I need to speak about…
  5. When you are starting chat they may ask You to sign in, and once you are telling them your contact details right away, they will help You without sign-in.
contact ebay support

The other option to contact eBay customer service

The other option is to contact eBay support through email address from the same location you find a chat. Well, this not always is working properly because it depends on the topic you have been selected you need help with. Usually, emails are responded within 48 hours, but they are rarely helping as eBay customer service may not understand your issues from the first letter. So make sure you write a brief and informative letter.

How to contact PayPal customer support through messages in Paypal

Once You are logged in into Your Paypal account:

  1. Click on the “help”
  2. At the bottom of right corner, there is “help center”
  3. Than You have 3 options click on “contact us”
  4. Select the topic You need it and then there is “message center” (sometimes there is no this button)
  5. If You go to the top of Your PayPal menu bar and click on the icon next to settings.
  6. Then simply hit “new message” and start contacting PayPal right away.

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